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Default EOS-300D - buy the 18-55 whether you need it or not

> Remember that the $899 camera outfits do -not- include
> the 18-55mm zoom and that it can -only- be purchased with
> the camera, you cannot order it later as a separate item.

And there are likely people who bought the camera only,
already regret it, and would buy the lens if they could.

Just for the heck of it, I looked on eBay last night for anyone
selling just the lens. None. (But tons of cameras, doubtless
many scams.)

If I were buying a '300D and had a stable of EF lenses, I'd
get the lens kit anyway, and turn around and re-sell it on
eBay. I'll bet it would fetch more than it cost.
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Default Sounds good on paper, but........

that particular lens will only work on the D300...
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Default Caveats, of course

> that particular lens will only work on the 300D...

Yep, and if you auction it, you need to emphasize that
several times. You do not want to sell it someone who
uses it to wreck the mirror on their non-300D, damages
the EF-S lens, and then wants a refund.

But Canon is selling the 300D without the EF-S lens,
and many people will buy the camera that way,
either in ignorance or in error, and they will be in
the market for a lens.

I'm surprised none have turned up on eBay by now, and
predict that the secondary market value of the EF-S
will exceed the $100 original price difference.

Drifting along...

I find this "bundle only" tactic on this first EF-S lens to
be a bit schizophrenic. Canon seems to be about to
spin off a new mount (the EF-S), and presumably there
will be other EF-S lenses in the future, but it also seems
that late beta testing or perhaps focus group testing
showed that this first EF-S caused BIG problems when
it fell into the hands of clueless low-end SLR users.

Canon doesn't seem to know quite how to handle it.
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