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Hi all,

I want to get a DSLR camera so I can take some shots of my new baby girl as she grows.

I am thinking the 300D (2003), 400D (current), 450D (soon to be released)or the 20D (2005) or 30D (2006).

Do the features that were standard on the 20 or 30D been included in their respective later 400D and 450D models...?

Would i be better off getting an older XXD series camera or, for example, would the 400D/450Dhave "some" of the same features as the 20D/30D, for a similar second hand price?

Hope this makes sense...


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The 400d / 450d are not replacements for the 20d / 30d. The xxD line is the entry level line. The xxD is the mid level line.

I would advise against a 300d or 20d - they're old and I wouldn't trust what life is left in them.

All in all I'm not a huge fan of second-hand DSLRs. If you want to go that route I would recommend factory refurbished cameras as they will come with a warranty. I wouldn't buy a DSLR from another person but that's just me.

400d is a great camera. If you can get a refurb 30d for the same cost it's worth it. But if you cant then the 400d is just fine. While it doesn't have the same feature set it does have the focus system of the 30d which is a very important advancement over the 350d.
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In case there is some warranty left in the camera, i wouldnt mind buying an used one. If u watch the used market closely there are n number of one or two months old camera going atleast 15-20% less than the actual price.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"As John said a 400D is a better bet over the 20D or 30D. The camera has newer technology with sensor cleaning and the pixel pitch is same as the 40D. New ones cost around 500 while used 20D goes around 450. for the extra 50$ u get a newer and a better camera.

If i where u and i am trying to make a decision between 30D and Xti i would pick the XTi since its closer to the 40D.

Regarding the new 450D, its gonna be priced around 600-650 based on dealers.

400D should be a great start.
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If you plan on shooting much in low light without a flash, you may want to consider that the entry level Canon models are limited to a maximum ISO setting of ISO 1600.

The EOS-20D, 30D and 40D all have an ISO 3200 option. You don't want to use it if unless you have to. But sometimes a bit more noise is better than motion blur.

As long as you can use a flash, it shouldn't be an issue. But, if you wanted to take more photos without one in low light, sometimes higher ISO speeds can come in very handy.

Another thing to consider is that the 8MP EOS-30D is more sensitive than it's rated ISO speed from tests I've seen. For example, it's ISO 1600 setting is closer in sensitivity to ISO 2000, and it's ISO 3200 setting is closer in sensitivity to ISO 4000 (and ISO 3200 is missing entirely on the 300D, 400D and new 450D). Personally, I'd value increased ISO sensitivity more than I'd value an increased megapixel count.

I don't know about other locations. But, I've seen some pretty healthy price drops on the EOS-30D since the 40D was introduced. For example, http://www.bhphotovideo.com has them brand new for only $799.95 now. Compared to the entry level models, you'd have better build quality (with a shutter Canon claims is tested to 100,000 actuations in the 30D), a better viewfinder, a faster available frame rate, higher available ISO speeds and more.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies...

I will printout the specs for the 400 and 30 to help with my decision.

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