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I have a Canon 20D and I'm thinking of moving up to a 5D.

I have this amazing ability to buy something right before the upgraded model comes out. I know the 5D has been out for a while so I'm wondering if we expect to see either an upgraded version of the 5D or the "replacement model" out anytime soon.

(I understand that I am asking for speculation but I assume there are people on this forum who are much more knowledgable than me in the typical Canon product upgrade/replacement cycles.)

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this question has been over the net for the last two years....so ur guess is as good as everyone else..

U can enjoy any rumour that suits u.

But former owner of 5D, there is nothing that comes close to a 1800 Full frame camera like the current 5D.

If u dont shoot tele, i dont see anything that stops u from buying the current 5D.


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The best guess is going to be Sept for launch info but until that happens no one know for sure (well a select few at Canon). I love my 5D and at weddings and for portraits it's my primary choice..... actually for a walk around too I go for the 5D over my 1D mkIII or 30D. For sports it's often my preferred 2nd camera as although not as fast as the 30D the quality makes up for it.

It's always a hard decision when thinking of a new camera and there is a chance something is close but my rule is buy when you need to and don't look back. If you wait think of the great photos you will have missed, but if you don't need to buy then waiting is not an issue (and you can afford the new kit when launched).

Edit, also what glass do you have as you might find some is not applicable to the 5D (or replacement) and that could add cost so bring that into the equation.
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