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Default HELP - Before I take the BIG (expensive) plung ............

I have done lots of researching, reading, thinking, budgeting and have brought my final choice for a dSLR down to 2 models. I own a Nikon N80 film SLR with an AF-S 24-120mm VR IF-ED lens (awesome lens), a Tamron 28-200mm Zoom lens (received as a gift) and Nikon SB-28 speedlight. Therefore, my first option would be to get the Nikon D100 with a Nikon SB-50DX speedlight or the second option I am considering is the Canon EOS-300D (Digital Rebel) with Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens, Canon EF 55-200mm II USM lens, Canon 420EX speedlight. Both options come to the same price (Nikon option is a few dollars more). My next step would be to go into a camera shop and "test drive" both dSLRs. My problem is, What if both look and feel great? Does one option make more sense than the other? Feedback Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What type of photography will do you? Long lens for distance subjects? Macro? Action? Low light?

You should seriously consider the lenses you want to buy and see the cost and quality of the offerings for each system that match how you are going to shoot. For me it came down to the fact that Canon had a better lens in their 100-400L compared to Nikon's 80-400 VR (Nikons 200-400 looks great, though. But the projected stree price really high!). Also, Canon's long lense (400, 500,600mm) are all cheaper than Nikon's and have IS. Optically they are basically the same (as least for me.)

Nikon is supposed to have a better flash system (but the D100 can't do wireless flash with Nikon flashes, and maybe with any?) And they have some amazing macro lenses. Canon has more IS lenses.

That VR lens you have is very good (as you know.) That 55-200 Canon lens is quite good (if it is the "L" one. You didn't put an L there.) I couldn't find anything on the 18-55 in my usual lens review places.

I'm surprised that the Nikon comes out to be more, considering that you're reusing 2 lenses. But I'm sure you ran the numbers.

I would consider the D100 a better camera than the 300D. But more on interface issues and buffer depth than anything else. I haven't seen output from a 300D, so know if the pic quality is great or not (hear that it is.) They are not designed to be compared though. The 300D is a budget DSLR, the D100 has more features and isn't a budget one (it compeats with the 10D.)

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Default Check your figures!

If your reusing your two lenses and flash with Nikon
How can you compare?
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Maybe he is taking into account the amount he'll get selling the Nikon equipment? Since the 300D is cheaper than the D100, maybe he is taking into account the difference in price and applying it to the new lenses he'd have to buy.

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