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You make some great points. I love the camera and I believe I made a great purchase. I believe this because I have been reading and learning the tradecraft pf photography. I truly enjoy what I am doing and I know I would have outgrown or been left with a feeling of wanting more from a lesser camera. The fact that there are a ton of things that I dont know about the camera and photography itself is the driving factor that makes it fun. I read articles, books, websites, and post about different techniques and features and then I go out and try them. The shame on me part was thinking that the camera made me take better pictures. It was an ignorant thought in a lot of ways. Yes the camera produces better images, but only time, education, and knowledge will help me become a better photographer.

There are very few things in life that fail to provide buyers remorse and this camera is one of them. I havent questioned my purchase at all. I also believe I would have been happy with a comparabel model from Nikon, Sony, and the like. The camera leaves plenty of room for growth as a photographer and I am very happy with it.

When I was asking questions about which camera to buy many people responded with answers like "it depends on what you want to do with it". I didn't understand that now, but I am starting to understand it now. There are so many facets to photography that one can spend a life time learning and being happy. I am happy that I have the "bug" and I hope I never lose the desire to take my camrea with me everywhere I go.

As for the memories, that is what it is all about. I say this because someone can look at a beautiful picture and admire the beauty. However, if they have been to that paticular place or shared in that event, then they have a connection to the photograph.

In the end, I doubt my pictures will ever grace the covers of a magazine, but they will provide endless enjoyment and memories. This is evident from the gratitude of the parents that now have pictures of their children playing soccer, baseball, and softball. I was able to provide them with a connection to the event and their children, for that I am thankful. Happy shooting!!
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