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Well I finally took the plunge on the 40D and retired my XTI (the XTI wasn't really used that much). After having the XT and the XTI I was a little nervous of getting the larger body because I have small hands, but after handling the camera I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. I didnt' want to post until I had a couple of days to use the camera but all I can say is WOW, what a nice feeling camera. The pictures are pretty much the same but after useing the larger body for 2 days I can already tell the body feels alot more natrual than the XTI did. The wheel on the back of the camera is also easier to naviagate through the menus and the top LCD is pretty sweet also. All in all I'm impressed with the feel of body and the overall operation of the camera. With the rebates and the price of the 28-135 selling on Ebay it was a no brainer.
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congrats!! i love mine!! for me it does everything i want and more! i couldn't be happier! post some pics! best regards, john
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Congrats, I really like my 40D too. Just hope I grt my 40D back, messed up my arm this weekend so my daughter (17) is using my camera. Just not sure she is going to give it back to me.
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Old Jul 6, 2008, 12:27 AM   #4
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Congrats. I did the exact same thing, I had an XTi, but decided to get a 40D. I got the 40D because it has a bit better low light capability than the XTi. I like that, but I'm like you, *really* impressed with the ergonomics.

I have pretty large hands, the 40D feels great.

Kalispell, MT
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Yep it's pretty sweet, after selling the lens on Ebay the cost of the body cost less than $200 from my XTI body. I went to the store yesterday and bought the eyepiece extender and a Giottos screen protector. I've never used this type of screen protector before but it's the best money I've ever spent on a camera. I used a different one on my XTI (forgot the name but it was recommended here) and it was nice, but this one is like putting a new LCD cover over the top of the cameras LCD but it's super thin. I tried thehigh speedmode today and couldn't believe how fast it was, the shutter was moving so fast it actually made me laugh. Nothing like not having any buyers remorse, what a great feeling.
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I am wanting to upgrade my Xti also and have been considering the 40D. You mentioned the photos are pretty much the same. Do you mean resolution wise? I want to upgrade but I would like something with more features and a little better resolution.
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rubykate wrote:

Do you mean resolution wise? I want to upgrade but I would like something with more features and a little better resolution.
What features exactly do you want? In the real world, it doesn't matter if a camera has a new feature if it's a feature you don't need/use for your style of photography. For instance I've had a camera for a year that has live view and I've never even tried the feature because it's not a featue useful to my style of photography at the moment.

Also, what do you mean by 'better resolution'? Are you talking about megapixels? If so, I'm going to strongly caution you. More megapixels will only rarely equate to better images given the cameras out today. Let me put it to you this way: the most widely used camera by PROFESSIONAL sports photographers (sport illustrated, newspapers, etc) is an 8mp camera. Slowly some of the newer cameras are replacing it, but the fact they have more megapixels is the last reason why.

More megapixels CAN be beneficial to a small segment of the photographic community but for 90% of users, other factors will have a MUCH, MUCH bigger impact on your success than increase in MP from 8 to 10 or 12. Better quality lenses, for instance. Better knowledge of how to use the gear. Having the right gear for the job (i.e. having a long enough focal length lens or positioning yourself properly vs. trying to crop away 80% of the photo).

All I'm saying is - from an investent standpoint, you might achieve MORE by upgrading other aspects of your equipment rather than the body. And, in quite a few cases, knowledge and experience are the biggest obstacles to success. So, many people can get better results simply by learning how to be a better photographer. Or, put another way - very often if you are taking a bad photo with an XTi, you may still take a bad photo even with a 1d.

It all depends on what it is about your current photographs that you find lacking. Sometimes a different body can help, but more often the body is the least impactive (again it's not like you're using the original 300d).
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Congrats, The 40D is my first DSLR and I love it.
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