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Canon 450D-Is it worthy to upgrade?
When a new camera model released to the public, many people may wonder "Is it worthy to upgrade to the new one?" The result is often disappointing. The Canon EOS 450D is advertised as an upgrade and a most improved version of the 400D. But is the 450D truly superior to the 400D? When weighing the evidence, it is clear that the 450D has some considerable upgrades over the 400D. The upgrades that I find important to general photography are:
1. Larger LCD-The 450D's larger 3-inch LCD is the major upgrade in appearance. A larger LCD is a definite advantage because it makes viewing the saved photographs and composing each shot a lot easier. It's not just bigger but the viewing angle is much better.
2.Live View- Available for the first time on a Canon consumer D-SLR, Live View mode makes it easier to shoot from awkward angles, such as ground-level macro shots or when shooting from a tripod. The image from the Live View mode is displayed as a smooth, 30fps video feed on the 3.0" LCD, which is 50% brighter than the screen of the EOS 400D. A grid line display and live histogram can be selected to help with shot composition and exposure. While focusing, the photographer can zoom in on specific details with up to 10x magnification of the image displayed on the LCD screen. Two types of auto focus are available: Quick AF flips the camera mirror momentarily to engage the AF sensor; Live AF uses the image contrast data to focus - a method familiar to anyone upgrading from a compact digital camera.
3. Highlight Priority mode is a handy tool, to help stop the sky washing out when you are photographing JPEG's in the shadows.
4.The EOS quality advantage- The EOS 450D's specially designed 12.2 Megapixel sensor employs Canon's high-sensitivity, low-noise CMOS technology to produce richly detailed images with minimal grain. The DIGIC III processor ensures superior image rendering and rapid response times, with an almost instant 0.1 start up. Image data is processed at 14 bits for Delivering a burst rate of 3.5 frames per second, the DIGIC III processor works with the image buffer to handle up to 53 JPEGs (6 in RAW) without interruption.
5. Memory Card-The 450D switched from the CF card (400D) format to SD and SDHC memory card. The move is to allow users of its compact range to move up to the entry-level DSLR without having to invest in new memory cards.
6. Spot metering has been added, though with only 4 degrees coverage, not the 1 degree coverage that is usually implied by the term. This will be appreciated by anyone doing stage shooting or in any circumstance where the lighting conditions make matrix-style metering difficult.
So the bottom line is the available funds. If you can afford the 450D, I would suggest that you go for it. It will be a worthwhile upgrade for anyone purchasing it.

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Moved to dSLR section so you should get some answers.
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Are you unhappy with the photos that you are getting now? It would be an incremental jump, and you probably wouldn't notice the image quality difference. The live view is not that useful because of it being so slow. Don't get caught into the latest and greatest, you have a very good camera. If you have a hole burning in your pocket then you're better off buying a better lens, especially if you still have the kit lens that came with the XTI. You would notice an improvement in image quality then.
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I don't know about upgrade but I'm thinking about it as a first dslr as it's in my price range and don't forget the 450 has an image stabilized 'kit' lens.


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I think for most people getting better glass will be a much wiser decision, however if a new body is in order due to something lacking it's likely that the 40D will fill the gap better. Obviously this depends on what the gap is but usually it is noise handling/high ISO/low light, as well as continuous shooting speed.

Thanks for giving the sales blurb though but probably not enough of a change from Canon to get myriads of people switching for the 400, however from the 350 this is a decent improvement.

Also I didn't say so last time but welcome to Steve's.

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What was the question again? :-)
On a serious note, both cameras are capable of producing great results and both have limitations.
In fact in the majority of shooting situations you won't see much (if any) difference in IQ. Buying better lenses to replace a kit lens and a grip for better handling will improve the IQ a whole lot better.
As a first body 450D is great, as a second body (in addition to 350D/400D) it doesn't make much sense - they use different batteries, memory and grips. As an upgrade, imho it's not worth it, unless you really want to have a newer body in the same Rebel/xxxD series. Upgrade to 40D, 5D or a used 1D MkII makes much more sense.
For me handling, better viewfinder and better AF were the main reasons to upgrade to 40D from 350D. The live view was the last, although handy, feature in my list. I still use my old 350D and to be honest the IQ is very close and usually you can't tell them apart looking at the pictures.
Welcome to the forum.
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Another example of a 1-post member, with a marketing message rather than questions or advice?

I wonder if this is an actual marketing tactic, supported by Canon or electronic stores, or if it's just some joker hoping to increase sales at his own camera shop.

Funny stuff.
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