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I am trying to decide between the Canon 400D/XTi and 450D/XSi. From what I've read the only differences between the two models that really matter to me are liveview, an image stabilizing kit lens, battery life and camera weight. The price difference between the two models in my country is approx. USD190. Is it worth paying more for the additional benefits of the newer model, esp the liveview and IS lens? I am a student on a tight budget, so I'll be using the kit lens and won't be buying additional lenses anytime soon. Does IS on the lens make a big difference?

Also I've seen many complaints about the AF on the 450D. How serious is this problem and do all 450Ds have it? Is this a valid reason not to buy the 450D?

Thanks for the help
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One thing you didn't mention is what are you planning to use the camera for?
I do not own an XTi, but did buy one of the first XSi's available. I have not had any problems with the Af, but I also use it less than 25% of the time.
The image quality with the XSi is pretty awesome, but if you are on a tight budget and are looking for a cam to use for general snap use, the XTi will serve you well.
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I have around 1000 actuations on my 450D (XSi) and no AF problems. Rather no AF problems that other DSLR's do not also have.

I did find that with the sun over a person's shoulder it has trouble focusing on the person, where my S5 used to be able to do it (if I remember correctly). I was however assured that I expected WAAAY to much from my camera.
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I have recently bought a 450D and was very disapointed with the AF. About 20% av my shots are out of focus. Maybemy exis defective, either wayI´m returning it.

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What is it with successive models of Canon? I remember reading this forum when deciding to buy a 400D, just after it was released and many people where complaining about AF in comparisson with the 350D.

Now the same is happening with the 400D and 450D. Does Canon not use an evolution of their AF system?

To answer your question: I personally do not think it pays to buy a 450D, just because of the live-view and a stabilized kit-lens. Better save the money and buy onlya 400D body and a good Canon L-lens. Kit lenses are not the best rated in tests and live-view is IMHO missing the point of a DSLR. You just can't judge the focus on an LCD good enough...

I own a 400D and I have had some AF troubles in low light. They dissapeared after getting rid of the cheap Sigma 18-200mm travel lens and changing it for the Canon EF-L 24-105 IS. It also delivers better saturated, sharper images with this lens.


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