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Default RAW or JPG???

Dear Everyone,

My boss uses a canon 10d, and he is just not able to decide in which format shoud he take photos. Let's put image cpacity aside. I suggested to him to shoot in RAW because of it's better quality. He took my advice and started to use RAW continously, but he met a few unforseen obstacles.
Let's say he shoots a jpg which is eg 1,5 MB, it is easy to work with. If he shoots the same in RAW that's 8MB still no problem, but the canon software don't let you save it as RAW, but converts it to TIFF which results an extremely big file size. He wants to work with photoshop with the raws is it possible somehow to force photoshop to read RAW directly from the camera with a TWAIN or something like that? What would you do? Would you just satisfy with JPG's image quality?

Thanks in advance
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Adobe sells an addon called "Adobe Camera Raw" or ACR. It is a plugin which can translate the Raw file into TIFF (jpg as well?) That lets photoshop directly load the Raw and then manpiulate it.

photoshop can't save the Raw file because a Raw file is produced by the camera. It's the data directly off the sensor. That data is non-standard (every manufacturer has their own raw format, and many cases it varies between cameras as well.) Photoshop needs the data in a standard format (JPG, TIF, PNP,... whatever) to manipulate it.

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first of all those tiffs are the raw image. the camera creates a front end image in a small tiff so you can actually see them. you'll note that they are small at about 288x288 pixels or so. CRW is propriatary to canon just a nef is propriatary to nikon. you do not work in the raw format except with a converter which if you want to maintain the total image quality you then convert to a TIFF (it will be BIG)by saving as a new image and maintaining the original as the negative of sorts untouched unconverted.

the new version of PS cs (v8.0) has a well updated version (ARC 2.0) built in to it. it will be worth the $169 upgrade if you are already a user.
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