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Default What to do? Oly or 10D?

I'm trying to figure out which route to take. I'm ready to spend on a DSLR, and have used Canon 35mm before. I have a Canon EOS 620 currently. Lenses I own for it are the EF 50mm 1.8, the EF 28-70mm 3.5-4.5, and the EF 70-210mm 4.
I've had all these pieces for several years. Also have the Speedlite 300EZ. (small zoom flash with IR)
Will these lenses and flash work with the 10D, or would I have to start over with newer lenses?
I'm also considering an Oly E20. I currently have an Oly C2100UZ and love it, but it's time to move on.
Another thing I wanted to mention is that in the past I've had much better luck with Olympus than I have with Canon as far as reliability. I quit taking pictures for over a year, but when I went back to use my EOS 620, it had a couple of problems. The LCD backlight no longer works, and the camera will run the battery down if it's left in. The rest of the camera functions properly, I just can't leave the battery in when not in use. This problem developed as the camera was stored. (I'm very careful with my cameras and take really good care of them)
I also have an older Canon A1 HI-8 Video Camera that developed problem just sitting for a while. It was actually not used very much and when I went to use it one time, it would not spin the heads up. (costs more to fix it than buy a newer model) (even though you can't buy one like this any more :-(

Maybe I've just had bad luck with Canon in the past and a new 10D would be more reliable. If these lenses and flash will work with the 10D, it's hard not to take that route.
On the other hand, I've had numerous Olympus still and video cameras that never failed me. One is a full size S-VHS video camera that still works today. (it's probably 15 years old)

Somebody help push me over the edge. (either edge will do)

ooops.... meant to add that I like to do mostly people shots. Weddings, portraits etc.

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I believe the lenses should work. I don't believe the flash will.

You can download the manual for the 10D from the web, that should tell you what you need to know.

Other than the battery charger dieing, I've had no problems with my 10D.

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All of your Canon lenses will work with the 10D and Rebel digital. The flash will also work but with automatic mode only, not E-TTL.

In the case of the A-1 camcorder, you should use it more frequent other than let it sitting and collect dust, this is a piece of delicated electronic with a lot of moving parts, it will develop more problem if you don't use it more often. I sold my to the guy in NY after I used it for more than 5 years and it's still cranking good pictures (video). I still have the original Canon Optura Mini DV, it shoot like a SLR...

Go with the Rebel if you have limited budget, otherwise, the 10D should be a good candidate, I had the 10D for several months now didn't experience any problem so far. All of my digital gears are Canon brand (10D, Rebel digital, G5), but most of my film gears are Nikon Brand (F5, F100, Fm2 SP) except I do own a Canon EOS-3 body....Cheers
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