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Yes, that's the one.

... Look in page 156 of your manual: "Use a rubber blower to carefully blow away any dust, etc., on the surface of the image sensor."

The air-in-the can is what can harm your sensor, ie the higher pressure or the liquid that can spill out leaving a residue... or shorting out things
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Okidoki, I'll order one!

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I've had my 10D for about 5 months now. Noticed a couple of specks on most of my photos (especially in pics with a lighter background like horizon or sky). So i went through the recommened sensor cleaning process (the blower) to no avail. Sent it back to Canon, they want $185 to clean it for me. This is NOT covered under your standard warranty, nor is it gauranteed to fix the problem. From other forums i have read about people with the same problem getting their camera back with dust spots still present if not worse! As i am a rookie photographer for the most part, and Canon still has my 10D, i'm thinking about biting the bullet dropping the dollars and hoping for the best. As this appears to be a farily common problem for digital SLR's, next time around i think i'll try the more aggresive home sensor cleaning method of "swabbing"

basically i just wanted to throug out that price tag FYI, best of luck!
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Noticing so many dslr users wanting to hand out the ccd cleaning to experienced people, the price tag of Canon and their lack of clean guarantee, makes you wonder; When will the first ccd cleaning service start in photo shops?
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Default Some extended warrantys may cover this

I was talking to the tech manger at our local best buy and asked him about the extended 4 year warranty on the DR and would it cover cleaning the sensor. He said it would but that they don't do it in store but would have to send the camera out (2.5 week turn around) for cleaning that area. It would be covered so if they damage the AA filter, you get a new camera. Now I don't really know if they can get it any cleaner than you could with a blower or a swab but at least they would have to replace the camera if it got damaged. A gentlemen over at DPreview had a post where he did damage his AA filter on his 1D and the cost of the repair was $1500 from Canon. I don't think this is a real common occurance but that doesn't help much if you happen to be the one with the problem.

I think the best solution is to due what NHL suggest and wait unitl you really have to do something (clone them out in PS as long as possible). Then use a turbo blower (like the rocket air) with the understanding that you may not get all the dust and clone out what is left. If you feel that you have to swab then I think I would use the actual sensor swabs rather than the pec-pads described in some other sites. I know they are expensive ($4 each) but that cost still pales in compairson to the repair bill to replace the AA filter.

Everyone keep in mind that neither Canon nor Nikon approve of the sensor swab approach. Only Kodak and Fuji allow this. Why they do and Canon/Nikon do not I have no idea. So the best approach is not to swab unless you really really have to and then only as last resort. Use the blower and PS as your first line of defense.

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