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I haven't bought much to go with my 300D - a lot of stuff was bought for my G2 and Elan7. I always intended to upgrade to a Canon dSLR and my flash, extra batteries, remote most of my lenses were from/for the other cameras.

What I've bought specifically for the 300d is:

Canon 500D close up lens - gives good quality results and is handier than a separate macro lens when travelling light.
Domke F6 camera bag - every camera gets a bag and I like the soft sided bags.
Domke F5 shoulder bag - small but carries a flash and camera and close up lens. I don't feel like a geek showing up with it when visiting friends like I would with a 'full size' camera bag.
Tamron 70-210f2.8 telephoto lens
Lowepro 75 AW toploader camera bag - about the only bag that will carry such a big lens with the camera attached. I'm ambivalent about it - not sure if I like it or not.:?

I too have a blonde model - but she's refusing to pose after I brought slides of her into to my beginning photography class then she ended up meeting one of the classmates while walking the toddler one day.

what do I want to get?

100mm macro lens - I'd like a prime lens in this length and I'd like to do more macro work
50mm lens - I'd like the f1.4 but I'm having a hard time rationalizing getting it when the cheaper f1.8 is as good as it optically. Is USM & half a stop worth 4 times the price?
new flash - likely a Sigma 500... and use my 420EX as a slave

Trathman - could you do me a favour? I'm looking at getting the F802 bag but no-one locally stocks them. Could you look at my post in the Misc Accessories forum and see if an 803 bag would carry what I want. If not, could you let me know by how much the 803 is too small? thanks
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HA ursa, funny story! Wives are funny like that!
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Default Lowepro Nova 4 AW camera bag

I have the Rebel with a total of 3 lenses and the 420EX flash and had a hard time finding the right bag for all my gear. I wanted to keep it all together and finally settled on the Lowepro Nova 4 AW. It fits all my stuff including charger, spare batteries, camera with flash mounted on it, and so far 2 other lenses with room for a bit more, and easy to work with. It is alot on my shoulder, but I know everything is well padded and easy to get to.
PS: The 420EX was my best purchase yet! All indoor flash pics come out SO superior to the popup flash. My friend got the 550EX, and it is quite a handfull.
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Well, my first purchase was a CF card, of course. Got taht before the camera arrived! :-)

Immediate purchases were a skylight filter and cap keeper.

But then on to real stuff.

The 18-55 is a bit sad, so I spent time scoping out a better lens. The 28-105 was on the cards but I picked up an older 35-135 on Ebay.

I also spotted someone I know selling a Sigma 135-400 lens 0 couldn't resis that as I do a fair bit of wildlife photography. It's not in the same class as the Canon IS lens - but it was within my budget for extras at this time and the canon surely is NOT.

I also grabbed a USB-2 card reader, as unlike the EOS 300D itself, the cardreader is picked up my my existing image downloading and catalogging software (Casio's "Image Loader" - my first digicam was a Casio 3500) and it's much faster.

On the shopping list but not bubbling to teh top are
- spare battery
- more CF cards
- Speedlite

But for now, with the toys already accumulated, and the i9100 I already have, it's time to stop drooling over the adverts and reviews and GO OUT AND TAKE SOME PICTURES! :-)

When I was a youngster with my first 35mm SLR (Still cot it somewhere - Yashica FR1, though it was superceeded with my beloved Contax 139 in time) I found I started to get a lot better a lot faster when I read in a photo magazine the advice "stop buying photo magazines and spend the money on more film instead". I have often wondered if the person who wrote those words in the magazine was well regarded by his employers... :-)
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Doing OK on my wish list, now I have the Sigma 50-500 and a manfotto tripod with the 3028 head. Need to get to the gym so I can lug it all around!
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Old Apr 7, 2004, 10:45 AM   #16
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Doing OK on my wish list, now I have the Sigma 50-500 and a manfotto tripod with the 3028 head. Need to get to the gym so I can lug it all around!
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ok, i've got the 10D and this is what bought for it.

Ordered at a website the Canon 10D, with sigma's EX 70-200 and the 24-70 EX lenses. After a week i got a mail that there was a delivery problem with the 10D, and that there would be a two week waiting period, so i called a friend of mine who works as a photojournalist, he called his pro shop, which had one in store, only it costed 75 euro ($100) more. Difficult choice, a 2 week wait, or, getting it now, but more expensive. after thinking long about it, about 1/2 a second, i partially cancelled the order at the website, and picked up with him my 10D an hour later.

But the lenses where still on order at the site, and would be delivered in 2 or 3 days. And having te camera without a lens would be murder to me, so i bought at te store a cheap, compact Sigma 28-200 f/3.5-5.6 lens, always handy to have if i don't want or can't take the big and expensive lenses with me.

Then i started shopping around for a bag, i wanted a backpack. When i was looking in a store, they had also a second hand, but brandnew, Sigma EX 20mm f/1.8 lens on offer. Nice but too expensive. After looking at several bags, i decided to take the Lowepro Minitrekker AW. Then i looked again at the 20mm lens. I really wanted a lens like that but at 325 euro, a bit too expensive at that moment. The shopkeeper saw me looking again at the lens and offered a nice deal if i took both the lens and the bag. So i did.

After that arrived my ordered lenses, and bought the rest of my gear:
Metz Mecablitz 54MZ 3 flash, 2 spare batteries, UV filters for all lenses, a monopod (wich i have never used), 1.4x and 2x extenders for the 70-200 lens.

A recent addition is a lowepro shoulderbag, the Nova 3, for those times i dont want to carry all my gear with me, but just the body, 2 lenses, and my flash.

My wish list is pretty small, just a big telezoom, like the canon 100-400 L or the "Bigma" 50-500 EX.
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