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Default 300D and Monitor Question


I bought a 300d last week and so far its going great. When i download the images to my computer in work (G5 1.6 with an Apple 17inch flat display) everything is fine, images have very little noise even at ISO 800 and colours look great. When I open images in Photoshop 7 they appear fine also. My problem lies with the computer at home (G4 Cube with 17inch Studio Display). When images are downloaded they look perfect in Apple Preview but when opened in Photoshop 7 they look very grainy. I tried messing around with Colour Management in PS but cant get the images to match what they look like at work. I downloaded some sample images from the net (from dpreview) and the same thing happens .... they look fine at work in photoshop but at home they look awful...!

Sorry for such a long post and maybe not getting my point across but its driving me mad as its a home that i do all image manipulation.

Thanks in advance

Richie :?:
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Dont worry guys i sorted it out.... just a monitor calibration thing.... everything is rosey now...?
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Yes, it sounds like it's your profile. With experience and a good eye, you can get it about 90% there (I'm told.) You can buy hardware which can sample the color of the monitor and a printout and get your printer/computer in sync. You can also profile you monitor so its output is "right" compared what the device knows should be being displayed.

But those devices are expensive. Do know that monitors shift over time. So it might be right now, but in a month or two you might see that it has changed. Its normal, just adjust it again.

Also, you are lucky you are using a mac. They have a system wide color profile. The PC doesn't.

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