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While I'm still having issues with my XSi on Front Focus, I'm about to send my entire Camera and two lens back to Canon in Southern California. I was so PXXXX with the run around I was getting I asked for a full refund. It didn't take Canon very long to REFUSE to discuss that option because the Camera and lenses had been inspected and tested in L.A. and found to be "In Spec". Avter a couple of hundred more shots I finally got a Canon tech and his manager to agree about the Front Focus, mostly at the 55mm setting of the kit lens. So they want the entire system back again but this time they are going to have a Senior Tech and Management review of the Camera.

I pretty much have determined that it is the lens at 55 mm. If I drop down to 35mm the focus is pretty much very good inside the DOF. I'll send it all off after Xmas.

In the mean time I've got another problem that could use some help. As I've mentioned before, I'm and old time Canon Hard body shooter from the 70's. I have the Canon FTb body and 4 lenses and I've been looking around for an adapter to couple them to the XSi. I've read and learned that there aren't any good ones except for the original one that Canon put out when they announced the EOS system.

In a nutshell, there are 3 or 4 out their but very few reviews. One by Bob Atkins on the eleofoto unit basically says when you use the adapter and the glass you have to forget about the low f/stops because of the poor quality. So I wanted to try and keep these older lenses since I think they were very good quality and I've looked around and I can't get any decent money for them on eBay. So rather than give them away, I want to find out from others if there is any more information or experience from others that may have purchased and used one of the 3 adapters. There is one that also has a built in chip that somehow aids in lens set up but I really think I would only use the adapter in Manual mode.

If my kit lens at 55mm is "No Good" , then my Canon FD 1:1.4 50mm lens should be a lot better, even with the adapter. The other 3 lenses I have are; Soligor 1:3.8-5.3 -35-200 mm Zoom + Macro. This was my primary lens on my old hard body. It always worked great and the Macro was terrific. The other lenses are; Vivitar 1:3.8 85-205 Macro focusing Auto Zoom, and a Rexagon 28mm wide angle 1:2.8. I also have all kinds of other teleconverters, closeup lenses, plus just about every filter lens anyone would use on a regular basis. Neither the kit lens I have and the 75-300mm tele that I got with it, have any Macro capability. Over the years that has been about 75% of all my shooting, hence, why I had so many zoom, and Macro lenses for my old Canon FTb.

So, I would appreciate any review information or first hand experience others may have on any of the FD to EOS adapters. I have seen some info on one that was really bad and all the metal was very cheaply made and finished. As far as waiting for a new adapter to come out, a very knowledgable writer pointed out,... "if there hasn't been one in the last 23 years, don't expect one soon. The focus distance problem is just to big to solve at an reasonable price. What we have today may bee the best there will ever be. The current cost of these adapters is not an issue. Most are $40 to $60.
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Well it has almost been a month since I posted my question about FD to EOS converter lens,... and not a sole has responded. As an experiment I will take the same question posted here and move it to another site. It doesn't appear that many people use the site or are interested in responding to questions. I have posted several other issues about things like "Canon XSi focus Problems", and other things like "Shooting the Moon". The interesting thing I find is that very few people respond and those that do are somehow associated with the site.

I first found this web site when I was originally looking to buy my Canon S3 several years ago. Then again I used the reviews here to help me decide on buying the Canon G7. Both of these cameras I really love. Finally I used this site to read the reviews for the Canon XSi, and I must say I have not been happy about my choice ever since. I have no beef with what they did say and review. I do have a beef with what the "Didn't say". I somethings thing the reviews were written by the Canon Sales department. If this site would have done a decent review of the Canon XSi and the kit lens along with the special package deal Canon put together last year to add the 75-300mm lens to the package, I would not have purchased the whole package. Instead I think I would have looked a lot closer at the Nikson D60. Even if I would have purchased the XSi, I would have gone for the Camera Body only and go a decent lense. Instead, I paid $200 more and got a terrible 18-55mm kit lens and a 75-300mm AF lens. Neither one are worth $100.

I could have a Nikon D60 with their excellent 18-55mm VR lens for $535. I took in one of my SD cards to Best Buy, picked up the D60, put in the chip, turned it on and turned and took 10 shots. Everyone of them were sharper than the Canon????

Would love to have someone just add one comment about the FD to EOS adapters. Since I have 3 excellent FD lenses I really want to know how they would work on my XSi. The Canon 50mm 1.4 has got to be a great lens. The question is, will it focus and will the shots come out sharp. I'll take care of the exposure,... after all I did that for 10 years with my FTb. Same with the Sigma lens. It has Marco focus which is what I really need for shooting flowers. Is it going to be sharp with the lens adapter???????????????????????????

Someone say something.
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Sorry for the double post.
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These are not the most active camera forums on the internet. And the most active parts of the site are not the SLR sections.

The Canon SLR forums get a lot of posts from people who are now site admins. They weren't always. I'm not sure whether they get paid for the task, if they do I'm guessing it's not very much. The implication that they are therefore somehow lying to you in order not to annoy Canon and affect the site's revenue stream is absolutely untrue and highly offensive.

There is some information to be found on these forums on the subject of FD->EOS converters if you bother to use the search feature. But the general consensus is that the converters don't work very well and even a cheap and nasty EOS lens will outperform an expensive FD lens with converter. I didn't use the FD system my MF film equipment was Contax/Yashica.

Generally people don't bother to respond unless they have something useful to say. Would you have been happier if twenty people had responded to your thread saying "I don't know."?

A search on these forums for the general opinion of the 75-300 lens you would have found a wealth of opinion - all of it saying "Don't touch it with a bargepole."

Are you angry that you bought the wrong camera? Angry with Steve or the people on the forums? A lot of your posts come over as rants. There is little point in engaging with rants.

When calibrating zoom lenses, particularly cheap ones you need to choose which focal length you are going to calibrate optimum focus for. The bigger the zoom range, the harder it is. So your kit lens is okay at 35mm and soft at 55? Mine was perfect at 55 and a bit soft at the wide end. I bought a better lens as soon as I could afford it, but the 18-55 got me some nice shots. Sorry it's not working out for you.

I hope that you get the performance you want from your equipment, but unfortunately you seem to have expectations beyond the cost of the equipment you have purchased and your own skill level with digital photography.

I think at this point though that your whole feeling about the XSI is so soured that you probably would be really better off switching to Nikon. Technically they do seem to have moved ahead of Canon for now and some of the people who used to post in this forum now post mainly in the Nikon forum.

There are very few Canon fanboys around here. I happen to use a 5D for most of my digital photography, but half of my photography is with a Zeiss Ikon. A lot of the Canon users on these boards are into multiple systems.

I have a few expensive Canon lenses, but if they can just sort out the lenses I want my next camera will probably be the A900.
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For the record - my name has 'moderator' on it. I moderate the sports forum. I am not employed by, nor associated with Steve's Digicams in any way. I certainly don't get paid. I was asked to moderate the forum in question because I was very active, perceived as helpful and was involved.

I agree, Steve's is not the most active site on the web. Not by a long shot. But it's a pretty good group of people that do regularly post here. I will also agree with Perapatetic's comment about not replying if I don't have anything to add. More often than not the trouble with online forums is too many opinions without any real experience. Since my MF days were minolta I also can't comment on the adapters you're looking for.

I wish you luck finding the information you're looking for. The internet is a wonderful place and I would also re-iterate the recommendation to perform searches - using this forum's engine, the engines on other forums and google.

Also, as an FYI, although this is the site I am most active on I tend to get my information from 3 other sites as well as this one.

Good luck.
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hello trigger
kinda late response
but if you still curious
check this site

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