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I recently purchased a Canon EOS 50D body to replace a Canon EOS film camera. I kept the EF 28-105 f3.5-4.5 USM lens to use with the new 50D. I cannot seem to get a photo that is well focused, regardless of what mode I use - I've tried full auto (and yes, the lens is set to Auto Focus), and all the creative modes. No matter what I do, the photos seem to be out of focus. The only ones that come close to what could be considered "in focus" are the shots I take using the telephoto end of the lens. For example, recently I took shots at a holiday party. I took a couple of groups shots using the camera on a tripod. They all came out blurry. But the candid shots I took of people using the telephoto range of the lens came out fine. What am I missing? Is it the lens? Would I be better off with an EF-S lens? HELP!! I'm frustrated. All the lens surfaces seem to be clean. The mirror is clean. I have a UV filter on the lens, and the camera recognizes the lens. ??????????? Thanks!!
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28-105mm is not the sharpest lens around, but it should give you a decent IQ - I have this lens and quite like it. Just to make sure there is a problem somewhere and it's not a user error, try to shoot without a filter using just a single central AF point, preferably on a tripod. Do you have other lenses to check the camera with? Posting an example would help as well.
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Sorry you are having problems. The mirror being clean doesn't make a difference as this only reflects light to your eye while you are shooting, nothing to the sensor.

Are you only getting these problems indoors or when shooting in good light outside too?

Are you using all focus points or just the centre? Give that a bash.

If you can post some sample shots that might help. If you post the full image reduced to about 750 pixels and then some small sections at 100% size so we can see the actual shot. If you have come from film, sometimes the ability to see the pixel detail can make things look less sharp than expected.

Do you have access to another lens (friend/family) to see if that is the problem?

When we see some samples then we can start to work through this so you can get a resolution.
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Have you tried the manual focus? just turn off the AF and try taking pictures in manual mode if out side in full sun try [email protected] for starts see what they look like.
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When you say you are having trouble - is it only on screen at 100%?

If you make a print of size comparable to what you used to do with film, how do they compare?
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Perhaps a stupid question, but the lens hasn't been dropped, has it?
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