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Yesterday, I came across an online auction where the seller was having a "1 day" auction. The auction was on one of the largest online auction companies known.

The seller stated, "do not bid on these items, but send me an email and I'll email you back with bidding instructions". The seller had an excellent reputation and had been selling items on line for a long, long time.

For sale: New, in box: Canon 5D Mark II & 1D Mark III. The wording in the ad wasn't clear, but he was selling them for either $1200 U.S. Dollars each or both of them together for #1200.

I thought, maybe he doesn't know what he's selling, but he had full accurate descriptions of the stuff listed.

So I wrote to him and he wrote back, that's when I got the prices.

I figured:

A. This is a scam.

B. The cameras were stolen.

C. I'm stupid because maybe the guy is in a really tough financial position and needed to sell the stuff immediately to get the money for a house payment or something line that. Therefore I should have bought them.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

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No and wouldn't bother. #3 really isn't a probability - the going rate for either camera is much higher.

Truth is I would never, ever buy a DSLR on auction. It's too difficult to know what damage has been done to it. I would never buy a used DSLR in any case. Used lens maybe - but not a body. In the case of a lens I would still only buy from a reputable 3rd party like keh or b&h or from sportsshooter classifides where I have a higher probability of a reputable seller.

Bottom line? You're not getting a mkIII for under $3000 and not a 5dmkII for under $2000 (and probably not even that since stores cant keep them in stock - I doubt you could get one for under retail value).
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Old Mar 18, 2009, 5:07 PM   #3
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I have seen this before....it is a scam.
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It's a common scam. The "seller" lists an expensive item for an unbelievable price in a one day auction. Most of the time, the seller has an impeccable record. Payment arrangements are made outside of ebay (like western union), you send him/her the money, and they disappear. Since you (the buyer) went outside of Ebay to make payment, you have no recourse.

What usually has happened is a scammer has hijacked a reputable sellers account. Most of the time if you look closely you can see the person has never sold any expensive gear. It's like anything else, if it seems to good to be true it probably is. Ebay is not the great place for deals that it used to be. There are a lot of frauds and scammers out there, and many times instead of deals, people get caught up in the action, and items sell for more than they are worth. I have bought and sold camera equipment through Ebay in the past, but haven't done so in a couple years. I'll stick with getting used equipment from KEH, Adorama, or B&H.

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Good information, never heard of that type of scam.
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I understand what you are saying, we were looking at a jeep for our son, it was an amazing deal until the guy wanted us to send him the money then he would get the jeep out of a shipping container! I wanted the guys address and phone number to send the police! My husband didn't want to! LOL

Just goes to show, scammers are everywhere!

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The scam, or con, works on human greed. The hope that we can get something for little or nothing. Good advise up above, by RJSeeney, if it seems fantastic, remember what fantastic means .

I do buy on Ebay, but know I will pay, usually, what the item is really worth.

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