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My new camera, the lcd will not frame/compose in display mode. The menu and picture review work fine, but viewfinder mode does not work. Input please:?

In other words the LCD don't work for what it is supposed to
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actually the LCD works exactly the way it supposed to :-). With a DSLR you usually use an optical view finder to frame your shots and an LCD for changing your camera settings and reviewing the images you took.

You can use a Live View mode to frame your shots using an LCD, it's a very useful feature when you shoot macro, still life and portraits with your camera mounted on a tripod, but it's too slow to use for everyday shooting, especially for action/sports. Check your camera manual how to engage the Live View mode.

just my $0.05 worth
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I doubt you have a problem either. dSLRs are designedfor you to use the viewfinder.

If you do not properly enable Live View, it won't work. Frankly, with the exception of using it for 1080p HD movies onmy 5DMKII as well as a few other esoteric applications, I find it virtually useless.

Working with Live view takes some getting used to — it is not like that on P&S cameras — so using the manual to learn about live view is definitely advised. Instructions start on page 95 of the current Xsi manual.

Anyway, to use Live view on your Xsi, it must be properly enabled and that takes several steps. Oh, if you plan to use autofocus in Live view, the XSi should be set to ONE SHOT and AutoFocus should be set to ONE SHOT, not nine points.
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In the centre of the camera towards the top, above the LCD screen there is a little hole.

Put your eye to the hole and look through it. That is the viewfinder and how you compose your shot with an SLR. It's actually quite clever; it has a prism and mirror arrangement that allows you to see through the lens.
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Try pressing the SET button. If that doesn't work, try reading the manual.
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