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Back to the OP's question.

I have the ef 28-135mm is, it is a good all around lens, but it would be better to get a brighter lens as you like to shoot low light. The 28-135 give up 4 f-stops to the 2.8 lens on the low end. But this lens does marco at .5m/1.6ft though you it is not posted on the canon specs. Like it was mention, it does narrow you out on crop bodies.

Between the ef-s 17-85 and the sigma 17-70, for your type of shooting the brighter lens would be my pick, and it gives you a marco ability until you decide on a marco lens with true 1:1.

I have the ef 50mm mk II, it is a very bright lens, and allows you to do some very nice bokem and it to can do marco at .45m/1.5ft, I have gotten some good results during my film days. Best to use manual focus when shooting marco with this lens. Also this lens does work very well for portraits.

I have since gotten the ef 50mm marco. And I really like this lens, it has a huge weight advantage vs the canon ef 100mm marco. Which is nice, but you have to be closer to your subject. I may still add the 100mm marco to my lineup, as the wife really enjoys marco shooting.

So if you are looking for a all around lens with marco and good low light, the sigma or tamron f2.8 lens would be more suited for your shooting style.

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You folks do realize the OP posted this back in April, right?
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I use two Canon lenes they are 17-55 IS 2.8 and 24-105 L-series IS f/4. Great lenes.
Canon 40D and Canon 7D
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