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Default Digital Rebel - wait ... or buy now?

I have been a analog enthousiast for a long time. First camera was a Pentax Spotmatic ('63) that my father gave me. I switched later to a Minolta 7000i and from there on I gradually moved into the digital space with HP Photoshot, Fuji MX2700, Canon A20, Nikon 880.

And now this is one of these moments I see a camera, The Rebel, I really think is 'it' for quite a while (just like my old Pentax that I used for so many years) and I'm wondering whether I should wait or buy. Most functions I need are there (I still compare it with the Pentax half automatic that I made some of my best pics with).

But, a multiplication factor of 1.6x. Is it me or is anything less than 35mm imaging element a trade off? I expect 35mm will soon will be the standard, but how long wil this take?

Secondly, I'm wondering about the lenses. Ritz Camera has a kit with a 18-55mm or for about $100 more 2 Sigma lenses - 28-80 and 70-300. The 2nd kit seems a better deal, but I like the 18-5 where 18mm translates into 29mm which is still pretty nice wide angle.

Any comments?

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Get the EF-S 18-55mm kit!
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time to buy...the rebel kit with lens seems to be the logical choice, for the features and the low price...is the best choice...

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Get one, you won't regret it. Nothing wrong with buying online either if you need to save the bucks. I saved nearly $200 by ordering that way. I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a Rebel GII some day if I ever want to shoot film again. It's about the nice autofocus lenses, not the camera. I got the 18-55 kit and a 55-200 lens will be arriving next week. What I saved buying online practically bought the extra lens.

I used to shoot a lot of film, but stopped when I reached my late 20s. I had an Pentax ME super that stopped working on my honeymoon (the first time I had used it in 5 years) Since I had a load of lenses I bought a P30t to replace it and found I never took many pictures because I got hooked on autofocus and point-n-shoot to make snapshots of the kids. The kids were the main reason I went digital so that I could share pics with family across the country. I've had two Oly digitals, a D320-L and a D400-Z. I really missed the flexability of the old SLR though.

When I heard about the Digital Rebel, I knew this was where I wanted to go. I can now start amassing a decent collection of lenses again. I'm sure Canon will be coming up with follow up product that will be cheaper and have more features, but this is a good entry point. I have a feeling this camera will retain a decent amount of value so selling to upgrade won't be that painful. I did ok when I sold my D320-L because I only had it a few months. I took a bath on the D400-Z because it is practically worthless after nearly 5 years. I expect the Digital Rebel to retain value for a while unlike the point-n-shoot digicams.

I expect to have a long term relationship with is camera so I don't feel too bad about the outlay. It has everything I need. It works like a point-n-shoot when I need it but allows me hone those old skills I developed when cameras had no brains.

All my old Pentax stuff is up on Ebay if anyone's interested.
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