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Default 350D, no safety shift? Functions fall behind to my S3 IS

I would have expected the 350D to be at least comparably equipped to P&S like the S3 IS, but when I got around to use it, I realized that there is no auto ISO or safety shift in Tv/Av on the 350D, both of which are available in S3 IS.

What the heck?
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I've yet to really have the situation where this has been needed, I'm not saying it is not something that can't be helpful for someone who doesn't understand much about photography but with a little experience then generally it's a non issue.
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I agree with Mark. I'll add this: A DSLR is NOT, repeat NOT the 'next step' in the digicam line. It's like comparing cars to trucks. A DSLR and digicam are two different product lines. There are always going to be some features in digicams that take a long time to make it into DSLRs - movies, articulating LCDs, ability to compose using LCD (live view), etc. Slowly but surely those features are making it ino DSLRs. That's happening because more and more novice photographers are buying DSLRs and those features are important to them. In years past those features weren't as critical as other features to the target market of DSLRs. 3 years ago, dslr users laughed at the concept of putting video in a DSLR. Now it's happening because there's a demand for it. But there will always be certain features in digicams that aren't in dslrs - they're targeted at different markets. And every feature a camera has takes up physical space (potentially), circuitry or coding and most definitely R&D dollars. So every camera can't have every feature.

Here's a perfect example - my canon DSLR only has Manual exposure, Aperture Priority and Shutter priority shooting modes - no auto, no P, no sports, no landscape etc.... because Canon feels those modes would not be used by the target audience of the camera. If more users of this camera model demanded the features, Canon would respond to it.
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