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Default If you think LBA is bad try CBA!!!! ;)

For those who are wondering what on earth I'm going on about, LBA (lens buying addiction) is an affliction mainly found in Pentax users with the wealth of options available often at very reasonable prices, now CBA is a completely different problem all together.

CBA or camera buying addiction means I probably have a few too many cameras now. I also have a bit of LBA too but being a Canon user they are not cheap so I have to choose carefully.

Today I got a Canon 500D to add to my collection of dSLRs, a Canon 30D, Canon 5D, Canon 1D mkIII and my 2 P&S cameras Canon SX1 and Panasonic TZ5.

You are probably asking why the new camera, well it is for the ability to shoot video with my collection of lenses (up to a 300mm f2.8) which I think will be very interesting and allow some creative work. I originally got the SX1 for video as couldn't justify a 5D mkII and at the moment I still can't but the 500D will fill the gap. I considered a Panasonic GH1 but I wasn't going to invest in a whole new system, even though I could have quite simply added some Canon FD lenses for low cost fast options but still would have set me back more than double the 500D. So now I will be selling the 30D as there isn't really any call for it as it was only my backup at weddings so that will get some cash back. The crazy thing now is that my highest res, highest ISO camera is also my cheapest LOL. I have a battery grip too so the handling is not all that bad and sure it will be a lot of fun to play with.

As most people will be aware the 500D doesn't give control over aperture etc when shooting video but you can use the same work around as the 5D mkII boys use (anyone interested can look at http://www.vimeo.com/2530166 )

I've not really done much with it yet but the limited things I've shot so far look promising so I'm a happy bunny.

I will let you know how it goes and post some samples when I get a chance.

Happy shooting all and I hope my CBA is not catching!!!

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It's highly catching. Males are far more susceptible to it unfortunately.

Cost of camera ownership is an interesting question.

I only judge the cost of a camera or lens once I dispose of it, and divide the sticker price less sale cost by the time I owned it.

My 20D actually cost me more than my 5D on that measure.

I owned the 20D for 30 months. Total cost with 17-85 and 28f1.8 was around 2200. Trade in was around 400 for the lot. Average cost was therefore about 60 per month.

My 5D +24-105L kit cost me 2000. Of which we might say 500 was for the lens (sticker price 650). I owned it for 30 months and sold it for 450 when I got the 5DMkII. Total cost about 35 a month.

I expect my 5DMkII to last me more than 30 months, but perhaps that is just fooling myself. The cost of the body was 2100, assuming I can sell it after 30 months for 500 it will have cost me around 55 a month.

This compares favorably with my film cameras. I expect my Zeiss Ikon to last me for at least 10 years. Total cost including servicing over the period will be say 1000. So camera cost only around 8 per month. But I spend 30-40 a month on film and processing.

In order to control my GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) which is a broader form of CBA. I budget 100 to 150 a month and put that into a fund, when the fund accumulates to cover my next purchase I go out and get myself something nice. :-)

Fortunately I don't have LBA as I shoot mostly with a standard lens. So I only have 3 lenses for my Canon SLR gear: 50L, 24-105L, 70-300 DO. For my ZI I only have 2 lenses: Zeiss 50 f2 Planar, CV 28 f3.5 Color Skopar.

On my current GAS list are an almost endless list of things:
Firstly I want a better pocket camera. The new Sigma DP2 is certainly a contender, but my fund is depleted (having just bought the 5DMkII) and by the time I have built it up again I hope that we will see some more offerings from the M4/3 format. In particular I am excited by the forthcoming Olympus M4/3, with the forthcoming 20mm f1.8 Panasonic lens it looks very tasty.

Secondly I have a very strong hankering for the new Voigtlander Bessa III.


I will probably miss it though as I doubt my fund will allow a purchase in the timeframe that they are going to be on sale, they are only making a limited run. Though if they sell well, and I'm sure they will, then they might make more.

Third on the list is a digital rangefinder with M-mount. The rumours are really starting about a FF Leica M9, it's probably a couple of years away, but it's going to be so expensive that I will probably never own one. I expect a starting price of at least 5,000 for the body.

Fourth, well I suppose that I might one day be able to afford a MF digital camera. One of the Mamiyas perhaps. But on the subject of Mamiyas, I also would really like a Mamiya 7II.

So that's the next 10 years taken care of. :-)
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Mark, your CBA is catching and spreading .
TBH, been there done it , used to be a camera junkie in my film days and at one stage had 5 different cameras (from a mini spy camera to MF). Got it under control more or less now (only 2 bodies and 7 lenses), planning to sell my old 350D and a couple of zooms and may be get a 135L for tight portraits and my kids sports, UWA after that and I think I'm done for some time (untill 70D or 80D comes out ). May be, just may be a good compact - Panasonic LX3 looks good - OK, you get the picture , I'm an addict
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