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Originally Posted by hgernhardtjr View Post
And it delivers what it promised! Nice!
Seriously don't tell me that, I don't need an excuse to order one!!!
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If you're used to professional HD video equipment, you will still have to kludge a bit.

For me it is primarily a pro photo-shooter, and on the bottom of the list an interchangable lens video camera for fun and hobby, though once I get comfortable with its quirks in video (and auto-levels in sound unless you use an external audio recording device - but pro videographers do that anyway so it is not really a problem for them) I might do more with it video-wise. Nonetheless, that is not its primary use for me at this time.

No matter ... you know you want one! And I am sure you would make your credit card company VERY happy!

Kidding aside, it is a great multipurpose tool that is outstanding in both realms, especially now that manual settings in video have been freed up, and I can see how wedding photogs might truly like the all-in-one abilities.
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I think many will holdout for the mark III or mark IV when they have moving
sensor image stabilization, sonic wave sensor cleaning, a removable sensor
for easier cleaning and a 60p VHD video spec, how long they will have to wait
is anybodies guess.... Nearest century please Canon (JVC has announced the 4K2K)

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