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Default Newbie Flash Help!

I am having problems understanding how the Digtal Rebel works with the built-in and Speedlight flashes when using "manual mode"

With my old point and shoot I just set the desired Aperature and shutter speed and if it could the flash would fire strong enough to correctly expose the image.

Without any flash attached I use manual mode and set the Aperature to 5.6 and then adjust the shutter until the in camera exposure meter shows me that the image will be correct. Lets say 1/40th. I take the picture and everything looks good.

Now for the problem. I either flip up the built-in flash or attach and turn on my 420ex flash and look throught the view finder it will still tell me I need f5.6 @ 1/40th to corectly expose the image. If I try a higher shutter speed the picture comes out under exposed..same if I try a smaller aperature.

I know I'm doing something wrong otherwise what would be the point in using a flash at all...

Can someone walk me through what I should be doing to get higher shutter and smaller aperatures when using a flash.

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Default Not sure....

I have a Rebel also and the 420ex. I just set my camera in maual mode to f5.6 and 1.40 with no flash I got pratically a black shot. I attached the flash and set it up and got a perfect shot. When I zoomed out and focused the flash indicated I was at 35mm on my lens which was correct. The flash should burst what is needed to fulfill the shot. Take notice that the exposure limit will change depending on how much light you have in the area you are shooting. I was in my room and moved the camera from the back of my room (where it was dark) and had a reading of -2, then moved towards my lamp and had -.5

My problem is I want to detatch the flash and bounce the light from the right. I am lost on that. I have a DiMAGE 7i and that I tell what channel to send at, but I don't see a channel setting on the Rebel.

Let me know if you are having other problems with the flash, and I will see if I can't duplicate the same thing.
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Default Thanks

I duplicated your dark room shooting and found that the flash just way underexposes for my taste. Probably becasue the room is so white.

But being in the dark let me play with the FEL until I foundout where to meter to get the best exposures.

Thank you for the help...I really appreciate it.

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You need a flash meter to take out the guess work on manual flash, you can set the shutter speed at any value as long as it equal or slower than your camera synchronize speed, you can also set up the flsah meter as wire or wireless mode, fire the flash and the meter will recommends the proper aperture value to shoot. Take a look at the the Sekonic meters, generally they are reliable and have good value... cheers.

To use the manual flash maually, you must know the guide number of your flash at all ISO setting, then use the guide number (in feet or meter) divide it by the distance between the camera and the subject, that will give you the correct aperture value. This senario will work correctly with your camera's default synchro speed, but if you change this synchro speed, you must manipulate the formula also, and it 's very trouble some to do that every time you shoot, and it's extremely difficult when you shoot with more than one flash. Flash meter is your best solution, when you have one, you never leave home without it.
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