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Default Vignetting tests - Sigma 50-500 - Canon 100-400 - 3 cameras

Just thought some might be interested - I just tested my 50-500 and 100-400 for vignetting.....

This test involved using the Sigma 50-500 and Canon 100-400L IS with the Canon EOS-1DS (full frame sensor), the Canon EOS-1D (1.3x reduced field of view) and Canon EOS-10D (1.6x reduced field of view).

I used straight "P" mode at ISO 100 for EOS-1DS and EOS-10D and ISO 200 for EOS-1D.

Because of this, there is no compensation for aperture differential and whatever effect that may or may not have had on vignetting with these lenses and cameras.

The results indicate two things: First, the Sigma 500-500 does indeed vignette (light fall off in corners & sides) more than the 100-400 L IS. The other is that the degree of light fall off increases with focal length and is indeed greater with full frame than with the crop factor sensors.

Another sidebar of interest was that the 100-400L IS is much more accurate with indications of focal length calibration than the 50-500. The Canon was spot on at 100-200-300-400 while the Sigma was only completely accurate at 50mm and 500mm. All exact reported focal lengths are indicated in text below images.


Link below

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Since I spend most of my time out at 400mm when using the 100-400 (with a 10D) you've got me wondering if I've just missed the Vignetting in my pictures. Time to go back through some of my older pics (with sky in them.)

Thanks for doing this testing.

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Hi Eric,

As you see in the frame (very last one in the series) with the 100-400 @400mm and the 10D it's very subtle and would likely not even be enough to warrant trying to adjust.

If you adjust levels temporarily (don't save) you can see it pretty well, but on a properly exposed image at 400mm withe the 100-400 and 10D it's hardly noticeable.

On the other hand, if you are using a film or full frame (1DS) digital with the 100-400 - against a clear sky it's readily apparent, but not extreme. With Sigma at 500mm and the 1DS it's quite apparent.

Best regards,

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