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I agree with JohnG ... and add one more point: far, far more disappointed owners of an item gripe and complain on the internet than satisfied users so, in effect, internet results are biased toward the failures and shortcomings of a product.

I have owned various cameras of all kinds and sizes (including plate, Kodak, Agfa, Nikon, Canon, and Pentax) for well over 50 years and have had the occasional, but rare, new-failure — in general, name-brand does not appear to be the problem.

When you consider the hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of a certain item produced, there are bound to be the occasional QC screwups ... but the name brands value their name and make it right under warranty. And since my cameras have been/are used both in-studio, and in the field under adverse conditions, I designate at least one trusty backup to any new camera I purchase.

I have had my 5dMkII for some time now and it has seen thousands of photos outdoors and in with absolutely no problems. It is a tool and it works well. Where it has failed, it has failed due to user fault ... the5dMkII has a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to video, for us old still filmdogs who have transitioned to the more complicated digitals of today.

I would be concerned about a widespread failure ... and there are no indications of that with the 5dMkII.
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John, I do not think your post was very helpful. I find it very rude! It is a fact that "EVERY manufacturer and EVERY camera or lens model on the market has the occasional defective unit" I do not dispute that fact. I believe sharing of one's experiences bad or good is the purpose of this forum. What you basically said was: "Oh, well you got a bad one, that's too bad, go to the store, replace it or go with the other maker, get over it and shut up" To the contrary one should speak up because if you did not hear about such "a wide spread issue" it does not mean it does not exist. I can reassure you it does exist. Why do I say that? Because it happened to me! I am not being "so traumatized" by it . I am just expressing my disappointment because I have experienced it.
John, a little sensitivity will get you far!
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While you may feel disappointed, it was my opinion this was a bit over-the-top:
Personally, I do not really care who, when and how. The only thing I know I paid a lot of money and I did not get what I paid for. As a customer of Canon I have a right to say: "You made a lemon!". No amount of praises for Canon will stop me from feeling cheated on this one. I too have other Canon cameras (FOUR of them!) and I am very happy with them. But it was not the case with this one! As a matter of fact I had a high respect for Canon products ( I have invested a lot of money in cameras, lenses and other accessories). Sometimes we have to accept the fact that there is something wrong going on with the "beloved maker".
It's a bit theatrical and over-the-top to suggest that based on one unit
we have to
we have to accept the fact that there is something wrong going on with the "beloved maker
Others expressed the sentiment and yet you still felt the need to go this extra mile and suggest there is something wrong going on with Canon because of one defective unit. It's great that you brought the issue to people's attention but I thought the above post was over-the-top
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why it is your private feeling whether something or someone is "over the top" or "under the top", the fact is still a fact. Whether someone uses/choses a certain way of expressing their thoughts here it is exclusively theirs! Making disparaging remarks like you did does not fit well your role as a moderator, does it?
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OK. That's enough. It's one thing to discuss gear. It's another when comments get personal.

This thread is closed.
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