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Well, I got delivery of the bags today and I have to say I am so happy that I bought them!!

The 4MDH fits with these things inside it:

DSLR w/ 18-55mm attached.
55-250mm Lens
Rocket Blower
1 SD Card
Microfiber cloth
Lintfree wipes
Camera Manual
Soft Brush
2 Ziplock bags

I must say, after putting it all inside, I had no idea how the rocket air blower was going to fit, until I decided to put it inside the camera compartment, so that the camera covers it when its inside.

The two velcro strips don't touch when the bag closes, but I just use the clip.

Regarding the Sinking Barge, man its awesome! People kept saying how big it was but I don't think it's very big. I actually thought it was a bit small at first, when I got it. But its a quality bag and one that will fit my gear in a very comfortable and safe way.

Thanks for all the measurements, btw! You are right about my camera being a bit bigger than yours. I am not sure whether this bag would be suitable for people with professional level cameras.
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The Canon 500d is an excellent choice for a first dslr. I have always had good experiences with the canons and hope you do as well. I loved my canon 300d which later got upgraded to a 450d. If i choose to get another dslr it will be a canon. If your interested there are a few places like cameta that sell the cameras with whole bunch accessories in what they call value kits for good prices. heres one

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Nice thread vseera. I'm trying to also figure out between the 450 and the 500. Kit lens and also the 55-250. I've looked at Sony,Nikon and Canon and narrowed it down to these too. However I'm not sure if my amatuer eye would even tell the difference between the two bodys. I'm thinking not, I don't need video but do like the idea of the newer processor and it has a higher iso I believe. I'm completely up in the air but my credit card it dieing to be used and this thread helped quite a bit with that

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Tulasi - I took a look at your thread in the Sony forum. The reality is - no system really has an advantage in lens prices. The Sony 70-300G is a fantastic lens - probably the best 70-300 on the market. Oly has a nice one too. Canon's is very good but neither Nikon nor Pentax have a great 70-300 solution. Every system has a lens or lenses that are better than the competition. And every system has some bargain lenses and some expensive lenses. So, from a total-cost-thru-the-years if you were going to invest in a system for the next decade I don't think any system is more of a bargain than any other.

HOwever, as mentioned over there, 300mm is rather short for wildlife. 400mm-500mm is preferable. I will echo the advice TCAV gave you - at entry levels I believe Canon has the best action camera (in the 500D - 450D has nice AF but the newer processor in the 500, increased ISO capability and LCD improvments make it a worthwhile upgrade IMO). The only camera in Sony lineup I would suggest for action work is the A700. THe newer entry level models are supposed to be improved but that is unproven yet. So I can't say they're in the same league as the Canon 500d or 450d models. In Pentax I wouldn't recommend anything lower than the K-7. In Oly, nothing below the E-3. That is IF, a really big IF the photos you want to take are of moving animals. For wildlife portraits (deer standing, bird in tree, etc...) every system out there is capable of outstanding results with the right lens.
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Thanks JohnG, like I've said I've been reading up as much as I possibly can. What I found out was basically what you said. I've had numerous p&s canon's in the past and loved them. Recently wanted to "upgrade" and for some reason bought a Nikon p90 and was impressed to say the least. I think I would be very happy going back to canon. As for the lens, I think to start the 55-250 would work for me. I work with wildlife, it's my job to probably be closer to some animals than sometimes anyone should be. The camera is purely a hobby I love as well. I'm not looking to spend a few grand on a body and lens. I've taken everything everyone has told me , plus all I've read to figure out what I want. Maybe in a few years a Sony will be my second camera, I kind of really like the direction I see them going too right now. Like I had said in my previous post I think no matter what camera I get to my eye it would look amazing compared to a p&s that I'm so used to , my main factor really is I can't see myself spend over a grand right off the bat for a decent setup.
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