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Default Canon 7D auto focus

Do you people that own a 7D prefer the 19 point auto focus or just single point auto focus.
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Default Autofocus

I am fine with a single focus point. I place that point on my main subject and press shutter halfway, camera focuses and then lets me know in the viewfinder if focus is successful. I will at that point usually hold that focus and then move the camera slightly and compose the picture then pull the trigger. The 7D gives me more options, however I just got the camera a week ago and have not had the chance to try out those options. Do I expect to change my preference for a single point after trying out all the new options? Probably not, however I expect I will find some scenarios where I might be comfortable using one or more of them.
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I find myself switching between those two modes depending on what I am shooting. For most shots I use the 19 point (it works much better than the multi point on my 30D) I use single point when I have a feeling the 19 point will not find what I am wanting to focus on. One must be careful when using an auto exposure mode if you recompose after getting a focus lock, if you don't use the exposure lock button (*) your exposure may change. I have not used the zone AF very much, but does seem to work well when tracking a moving object in AI Servo mode.
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it really depends on what you are shooting.there are times for both.
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I'm not a 7D user, but multipoint and single point choices are similar across most cameras (I work with 1D mkIII and 5D mkII mainly).

95% of the time I will be shooting in single point, generally centre, so I can tell the camera exactly where I want the focus point to be rather than it guessing for me. The times I will use multi are for aircraft, certain shots in motorsport and for now that's about it. Every persons style is different so I would play around and see which is giving you the results you desire most regularly.
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I rarely use AF, but when I do, I use what ever is suited to the image I am after. On average I probably use the group af point function most often and single only for close up work.
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