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Default 40D & T1i with one computer

Just gave the wife a T1i for her birthday and she seem to like the camera. As it has become glued to her face or least it looks that way to me.
How that we are a (2) Canon (40D and the T1i) family, I have a question about loading the T1i software. Seeing as the 40D software from Canon is already on the computer is there anything special I need to do in order to load the T1i software on the computer. Have to load the T1i software, as the T1i has video and I'm sure she will want to use the video from time to time. Just not sure if I'm going to cause a problem between the two sets of software, as computers, problems and me seem to be close friends. Also want to be able to keep her pictures in her computer profile, don't want her stealing any of my work, okay so she doesn't want me stealing her work.

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the t1i software is probably just updated versions of what you currently have plus video support. it should overwrite and work for both.

i guess if you both use the "my documents/my pictures" working directory for your work, i believe those are separate for each user profile
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