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Default Replacement for the 50D?

Last week, I was at a camera store here in Southeastern Lower Michigan. The person behind the counter was talking with another customer, and he mentioned that according to his source at Canon, they plan on releasing a successor to the EOS 50D within the next year. Does anyone know more about this camera and what features it will incorporate?
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this is what is rumored for the EOS 60D

"Lots of 60D questions. I haven’t received any super solid information.
Some things that have popped up over the last month or so. I [CR1] all of this.
1) 60D will be launched in the Spring 2010 and shipping before summer
2) Upgraded 15.1mp sensor
3) 720P video at 24, 25, 30 & 60 fps (No 1080p mode)
4) Same AF system as the 50D with some AI tweaks.
5) 6.3fps remains.
As I said, not much is too solid at this point.rumored"

source- canonrumors.com
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I am full of hope for 60D. Right now I am on the fence and will buy an upgrade for my very venerable EOS 20D. Of course I have red band lenses.

Will it be an EOS 7d or trusting a brand new product suct as the 60D sometime in August? That is a big question.

Meanwhile I hope all the blather about the D300S will go away.

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Ben, welcome to Steve's.

The 7D/D300s come very close, most major reviews put the 7D just ahead but it is neither here not there really. What sort of thing do you shoot as that could help make a decision, also if you consider changing brands, what lenses, flash etc do you currently have that you will lose with the change?
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Well I have bought my last two camera before the full test came out. And with the T1i last May and the Epl-1 last month. I must say they both have been a winner out the box. If you are looking to save some over the 7D, which is a great camera, when the 60D comes out. I doubt you will be disappointed with the out the box performance when the 60D comes out.
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One thing I forgot to add, buy a camera when you need it, as there will always be something new on the way. If you can wait then get something better in a few months time, but if the need is there then push the button.
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Only problem with me on Canon is their relentless focus on selling a product just by offering more MP and comparative low noise.

if they can produce D3 comparable Noise in a 16MP camera, they can just bring back the 12MP world providing even more amazing low light cameras.

5D was/is and will ever be my favorite camera from Canon.12MP was absolutely more than enough for me and the detail the camera captures is still amazing. Has fine DR.

Nikon on the other hand are giving more for the photographer in terms of DR, Noise and more perks on the body.

I will still say Canon is a Business unit focussed on sales while Nikon has may be 2% more interest on producing a photographers tool.

(I own a mark III and i am not a nikon troll )...i am just another Canon user who wants canon to stop giving MORE MORE MORE MP and give us something like 7D with more emphasis on the camera as a photographers aid
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