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Default Canon 50D focus issue

I have a Canon 50D which I got last summer and a Canon18x200mm zoom lens. I have been having an issue with the auto focus on this camera. When pressing the shutter button half way the camera shows me it is focusing based on the red led lights in the view screen, so I am assuming it is focusing on the area shown by the red light. However I am finding that many of my photos are way out of focus. This reached a new high/low at Christmas. I took over 125 photos and only 12 were in focus! I have to wonder if there is an issue with my camera or lens. Has anyone else had similar focus issues?
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The fact that some were in focus is a good sign. It may be an issue of front-focus/back-focus. Take a look at this Focus Test Chart.

Also, do you have some of them posted online somewhere, so we can see the full size originals?
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i shoot the 50d as well. and yes it is focusing on the areas marked by the red squares. and no, i have had zero problems with my 50d focusing, in fact, quite the opposite.

as tcav mentioned. it is possible that your lens is front or back focusing. it is also possible that it is user error. we would need some full size images with exif data intact to help narrow down the problem.
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Default Focus Issue


"For even more precise autofocusing, the Canon EOS 50D allows AF Microadjustment as we first saw in the 1D III. This is an excellent feature that lets you perfectly focus-calibrate either the camera individually or your lenses individually to the camera. If a camera or lens is significantly miscalibrated, it should be sent to Canon for adjustment, but for the rest, I suggest running the lenses through an easy focus calibration procedure."

This might help...Read your manual for the instructions on how to do this....
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