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Default Canon Speedlight 420EX & Canon Digital Rebel Questions

I have been checking out external flashes that work with the Canon Digital Rebel and just have a few questions about the Canon Speedlight 420 EX. I don't have lot's of money to invest which is why I'm not considering the 550 EX at this time.

In some of the reviews and forums I have read about the 420 EX it says that it is E-TTL compatible on canon type A bodies. Is the Digital Rebel a type A body? Is the 420 EX 100% compatible and can I take advantage of all of the features this flash offers with the Canon Digital Rebel?

The one I am most concerned about is the ability for the flash to compensate based on the focal length I use for a specific shot. I think this may be what the E-TL thin is but I'm not sure.

What is E-TTL?

Has anyone used the 420 EX with the Canon Digital Rebel? If so, how do you like it? Does it work well?

Bill Miller
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Type A and type B bodies.

Type A bodies, with support for E-TTL flash, FEL and FP mode:

EOS Elan II(E), EOS 50(E)/55
EOS D2000 (digital)
EOS Rebel G/500N/New EOS Kiss, Rebel G II
EOS Rebel 2000/EOS 300/Kiss III, Kiss IIIL
EOS IX, IX 7, IX Lite, IX 50 (APS)
EOS Elan 7(E)/EOS 30/33/7
EOS D30, D60 and 10D (digital)
EOS 1D and 1Ds (digital)
EOS 3000N
EOS 300V/Rebel Ti/Kiss 5

Type B bodies, with support for TTL and A-TTL only:

EOS 600 series - 600, 620, 630, 650, RT
EOS 700, 750, 800
EOS 10/10S/10QD
First generation Rebel series - Rebel, Rebel S, EOS 1000 and all 1000 variants, Rebel II, Rebel X, XS/EOS 500/Kiss
EOS Elan/100
EOS A2(E)/5
EOS 3000/88, 5000/888
ie All digital cameras belong to the A-body group!

I don't have lot's of money to invest which is why I'm not considering the 550 EX at this time.
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There have been some complaints about the way Canon left out the Flash Exposure Compensation feature in the EOS-300D, with the 550EX seeming to be the flash of choice.

Both the EOS-10D and the EOS-300D have the same sensor.

However, Canon did leave out (or perhaps cripple for marketing or other reasons) some features on on the EOS-300D, that were available in the EOS-10D. Flash Exposure Compensation in the EOS-300D is one of these left out (or crippled) features, but you can set it using EOS-10D Remote Capture Software (and the settings are retained in the camera after being set).

I've seen complaints from users that many flash photos are consistently underexposed with the EOS-300D using some flash models. However, the workaround is to set Flash Exposure Compensation using Remote Control Software.

See this thread for a discussion on FEC. The 550EX seems to be the flash of choice with the EOS-300D, since it has a Flash Exposure Compensation Feature.

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