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Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
Thats not dust, its lubricant. Take camera back for cleaning.
yea. i agree with this. thats not just dust. for something like that I would agree on having it cleaned by the manufacturer.
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Just noticed you live in NY, The Canon Jamesburg facility is about 40 miles from NYC. If its under warranty they will clean it free. This is excess lubricant that came from either the mirror box or the shutter precharge and got deposited on the lowpass filter. If its out of warranty its only about an $80 charge and they clean the whole camera and check for spec and adjust if needed. I wouldnt attempt to clean that much lubricant off myself and I am VERY comfortable with sensor cleaning. FYI if you want to check your sensor for dust its an easy thing to do. Simply take a shot of the sky with the aperture choked down to F16 or more, max of what your lens will do. Snap the image then open it in post process and bump up the contrast. This is how I find the dust before I do my cleanings. Sample image shown, the black specs are dust particles.

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