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Default Old EOS 300D compared to New Point and Shoot

I have had a Conon Rebel EOS 300D (6 mega Pix) for several years. I have not been very happy with the color quality of the pictures in indoor settings. They seem washed out (over exposed) when the flash is used, especialy if the subject was less then 10 feet away or dark and poor color if no flash is used. Out doors pictures are usually pretty good but a lot of them are still not what I would expect compared to shots I have seen on different web sites. I have thought about taking it in to be checked to see if it is functioning correctly so I know if there is a problem with the camera or if I just don't know how to use it. I originally purchased it because I could not stand the shutter lag on the Point and Shoots at that time and also because you could change lenses. I know that the EOS has a lot more options with manual control and lenses etc. but I am wondering how this camera compares in picture quality to the new point and shoot cameras in the $200 too $300 range.

Your response is greatly appreciated.

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Hi and Welcome to Steve's. Even though it is 'old' technology the 300D still performs favorably against modern P&S cameras due to the larger sensor. If you have some shots that show the problems you are seeing that will help to work out what is going on.

An obvious advantage of a P&S is size and lens range, downsides are you can't grow the system if you want but I'm guessing that this is not a concern for you.
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One thing I've found about most dSLRs is that their users will be very disappointed in what they get out of these types of cameras if they limit themselves to shooting in "Green Box" fully automatic mode. In that mode, a dSLR basically acts like a very expensive, glorified point and shoot. The result is that the images won't be any better than what would come out of a point and shoot camera.

It takes some effort and practice, but if you learn the various creative modes of the camera and how they can enhance image quality, then you'll see better results. And you'll see even better photos when you start to shoot RAW and do your own processing with the right software.

That said, I would still pick a Canon 300D over most point and shoots for the reasons Mark1616 stated and because you can do more with it. Probably the only P&S cameras I know of who would possibly do a better are the Canon G10 and G11 cameras, but that's mainly because they offer many advanced functions (including raw shooting), as well as higher resolution.
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