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Barbados Aug 7, 2002 7:33 PM

Back up for microdrive
Thanks NHL. You've convinced me to get a MindStor. Any particular model? I have always been a bit anxious about having all of my eggs in one basket, ie. using the 1 Gb microdrive for storing all my photos on a trip. What if it malfunctions or the camera is stolen? The equipment is replacable, the photos not (not to mention the time and money spent getting to remote locations in the first place). I had considered two 512 mb drives, and I think it was you who pointed out the 1 Gb design was newer and more reliable.

Would you mind looking at my post re: what an amateur should charge for an image, and copyright questions in the General Qusetions section and posting a reply to that there since you do photographs for a living?

This post was meant to be a reply to the previous thread.

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