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suliman Jun 21, 2010 4:35 AM

Canon 500D

I'm new member here, and as I'm planing to buy a DSLR Canon 500D I started doing my search which led me to this forum which I found very informative.

I'm new to DSLR photography world, my previos cam is Sony cybershoot.
and after searching about the specs and prices an reviews about DSLR I came to conclusion that Canon 500D is my one.

now I'm confused about lenses and I don't know what lense to buy addtionally to the kit lense 18-55.

knowing that I would use my DSLR for taking photos whiel traviling and motosport photoshooting, specifically Formula one
and my budget for lense is 500$
so if any one know what lense could suit this purpose within my budget please help me

shoturtle Jun 21, 2010 8:51 AM

The best lens that fit your needs and budget would be the ef 70-300mm IS USM from canon. It will be fast enough in the AF department to keep up with the action of motorsports, and give you decent reach at 300mm. And new it is just slightly above your budget at 540 dollars.

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