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ursa Dec 21, 2003 7:46 PM

FEC hack available for those with Macs?
I've read that by using 'breezebrowser 10D remote' you can adjust the FEC on the digital rebel. Is there any similar that runs on a Macintosh instead of a PC?

This is something I'd like to play around with but I'm not getting a new PC just to do it.

NHL Dec 23, 2003 8:05 AM

ursa, no need for PC...

Rather than adjust FEC which I rarely do on my 10D, try FEL, Flash,Exposure, Lock. You can compensate with FEC, but the problem is varying with which of the AF point(s) is selected and what the background is in relation to that AF point. Furthermore the compensation value might work on one set of circumstances and will be fixed for all shots (unless you bring the PC with you)!

FEL on the other hand (the * button) only uses the central area for metering, and as long as you lock the exposure on your subject (ie you can recompose after the lock) the flash will always come out fine.

Try this on a bride wearing white dress / groom wearing black tuxedo... you can't change FEC on the fly, but locking the exposure with FEL(*) works everytime! :wink:

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