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Default 8 vs 6! 8 vs 6!

I've searched, I've looked, I've posted, and I've compared. I know I shouldn't get a camera based on pixel count but I just can't stop myself from getting sucked toward sony and their 8 megapixel 4 color ccd camera. I know the canon d-rebel is good, I've seen the pics I've read the reports but again the pixels they keep calling to me. I mean the pics that steve posted for the f828 looks pretty good.

What to do what to do? I can't decide, my store has one of each left. He's willing to hold both for one day until i make my decision. I'm so confused

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I'll admit that the Sony looks pretty good and I have been tempted by it as well. However, I think that lens quality has just as much to do with how good your image is as the number of pixels. The Canon will allow you to interchange lenses and the 'L' series lenses are really good. If you were only going to have the one camera you would have more flexibility with the Canon.
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I think it all comes down to how much you want to spend, and how much stuff you want to carry around.

The Rebel comes with a 29-90 (35mm equiv) zoom lens. To get the equivalent zoom range of the Sony, you'll have to buy an additional lens (which makes it more expensive than the Sony) and haul it around with you.

The Sony has 28-200 zoom, and is an all in one package.

I'd say if you don't mind spending more money and hauling lenses around, get the Digital Rebel. If you want an all-in-one package, and don't mind the extra noise at high ISOs, get the Sony.

My $.02
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The big difference between the two is an all in one vs. a system approach.

While the extra MPs are nice how often are you going to crop down enough for it to matter?

The rebel is a part of a system, you'll have a much better selection of accessories with the dRebel vs. the Sony. If you're not going to add on to your camera then the Sony is the way to go. But with the Rebel you would have more of a long-term investment in camera equipment.

I'll likely replace my camera in two years with whatever comes after the 10D. But I'll keep my lenses, flash, filters etc... With the Sony you'll be starting from scratch basically.

The canon has much more flexibility, if you want to do macros - buy a ring flash, buy a lens or adapter or extension tubes. Going to Europe and have a hankering to take architectural shots? get a tilt/shift lens. Want to take pictures of models, get a studio flash setup or group some flashes with the IR capabiltiy. Etc.

I'm biased towards the dRebels flexibility, but to me it outweighs the additional megapixels.

I also think that the additional weight from carrying more lenses is a bit of a canard. Unless I'm going away for the weekend I rarely take an additional lens. Usually you know what kind of pictures you'll be taking and pack accordingly. I use the smallest bag Domke makes - and I can carry everything I need including a flash.

Another small benefit is that you can reuse the dRebel's lenses (not the kit lens!) and pack a spare camera body. If I make it Europe this year my Elan 7 will be the spare camera I take. On it's own it's small and light.
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Honestly, I wouldnt buy Sony period. If your serious about photography and DON'T want to purchase a camera down the road only because the lens isnt wide enough, or it doesnt zoom far enough. Then the best way to go is SLR. SLR is just plainly better anyways. Some cameras with fixed lenses can be really good. But you just cant beat SLR, Interchangable Lenses... And when new lens technology comes out. Your camera can upgrade to it. Yeah you can get 2x Teleconverters, etc for fixed lens cameras. But more glass only equals more softness, etc.

This is my second SLR. I upgraded from an Olympus E-10 SLR with a fixed lens. Now I really liked that camera, but only the fact of not being able to change my lenses really bugged me. Also, if this means anything to you. Its nice to beable to buy a lens. Say a Canon 75-300mm IS USM lens for say $500, and turn around and sell it used for $450ish. Len values hardly ever go down in price. Camera's with fixed technology will.

I dont know, my opinion would be. Ive been a Point-n-Shooter for some time. But once I got my hands on my first REAL SLR. There is NO way I would ever go back. And your picture sharpness, etc is really based on glass. And as many know, all glass isnt created equal.

My vote would be for the Canon Rebel Digital!

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Pixel count aint everything. What is the size ccd is in the Sony F828? The rebel has a 22.7 x 15.1 mm with 3:2 aspect ration. Larger ccd means less noise.
And major point for a 8mP versus 6 mP is; what is the gain? Sony only holds 1/3 more pixels versus the Rebel. If you look at the size leaps in A5, A4 and A3 these are doubled sizes, the meaning of 8 versus 6 fades.
I myself would only be beaten over this mega pixel quest if it was a choice between 6mP and 12 mP. And even then I would probably go for the 6mP slr , because the Rebel produces little noise without software tricks. Me thinks the Rebel is more suited for long term investment than any prosumer camera.

Unless you have a need for larger than A3 prints the Rebel will be cool. If you proffessional need larger than A3 prints you better shop around for a full frame camera.
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