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Default Canon 10d help please

I sent in the camera and was told that canon no longer repairs this model. The camera will not fous in AF, and the light meter is not metering. The small window on the shoulder of the camera shows 60 4.0 and then when I try to focus to take a picture it changes to a blinking 30" and 4.0. I have replaced batteries, cleaned contacts changed lenses, cleared all camera settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do not have $ to replace it and I am having twins soon and would like to take their pics. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
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Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

But it's worth looking at a 1000D as replacement, they are not terribly expensive.

Alternatively you may be able to find a refurb or used camera for around the same price as a repair would cost. From the vintage you must be using EF not EF-S lenses, so you could also look at getting a used film body and shooting film for a few months until you can set aside enough to get a new DSLR.

There are some camera repair shops which may be able to help you, but the charge even for having a look can sometimes be more than the camera is worth.
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Afraid to say that the 10D has surpassed its service life. Pretty much any repair will be cost prohibitive when weighed against its value.

Before we go jumping to conclusions and not wanting to sound condescending you get the same behavior from a camera lens combination when there isnt sufficent light. The blinking 30 is telling you a 30 second exposure, 4.0 is the aperture. Put it in "P" program mode and try outside with plenty of light and see what you get. Its blinking because its underexposed and not focused.

If it does it regardless of the available light I can ponder all day at diagnostics but the bottom line is any of them is cost prohibitive to repair.
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