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Default Telextenders for Digital Rebel

In researching lenses for the Digital Rebel I have been looking at telextenders. Browsing the 47th Street Photo site I notice that they list a Kenko 2X telextender for $70 and a 3X for $230. I have also seen that Canon lists a telextender in the $230 price range. Does anyone have any idea as to why the large price difference between the Kenko 2X and 3X (and the CAnon)?
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Canon, well you pay for the name, quality and rep they have. Most teleconverters that are 2x make your fstop's jump up by two. So say your camera lens is a f5.6, this will make it an f11? (Anyone correct me if Im wrong) Which you will lose your autofocus. The 3x would be horrable. It would be around an f16 or so. So if your shutter speed normally on a f/5.6 lens in the standard dailylight is 1/125 a f/11 would be 1/30th and f/16 would be say 1/15th of a second. Then you tack on the longer focal length which makes it unstable to hand hold or even sometimes on a tripod. Then your almost guarenteed that its not going to be anything you expected it to be... Fuzzy, color saturation gone, etc.

The only time I would EVER use a teleconverter is if I had say the Canon L 70-200mm f/2.8 with IS USM and a 2x teleconverter on that. To me, almost anything about 200mm I would like to have the IS feature.

Anywho, if your looking for a big zoom lens, dont think you can cheap out of it is what Im trying to say I guess. Ive tried it, and was totally unsatisfied. But for you, it might be fine.
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Good review here


I tried the Kenko 1.4X pro 300. It was OK. I traded it in for a Canon 1.4X and 2X. I use them with a 100-400L IS. But they work better with a fixed lens on Canon's list of recommended lenses. They can fit mechanically with only a few Canon lenses. The Kenko will work with all lenses.
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