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Default Purchased 60d but debating decision now

I have a S5IS with extra 430ex flash and just bought a canon 60d for Christmas. It was a toss up between the t2i with 18-55mm and 55mm-250mm lens or the newer 60d with 18-135mm. I also purchased the 50mm 1.8 lens.

I've searched and read a ton of messages across forums and a lot of people prefer the dual lens combo to the 18-135mm.

I guess my big question is should I cancel the 60d and go with a t2i kit with both lenses instead?

I'm a home photo guy that want to us it as my main camcorder as well since it is so capable so prefer the articulate screen as well as the upgrades over the t2i for size and build feel, but don't want to make a mistake as it's my first dslr I've owned. I used other xs, xsi, and 40d so know some hands on as well.

I use final cut express so also wonder if one is better than the other. I would like to stay with the 60d and purchase a 300mm lens later when money allows.

Confused... And happy it's ordered just not sure what to do while I wait for shipping.

Looking for thoughts before it ships as I can change if needed still.

Lastly I use a Mac with final cut express if one is better than the other, I understand I may have an extra step importing video

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I have a XSi with the dual lens combo you mentioned. Personally, I prefer a longer standard zoom like a 18-135mm or perhaps a little longer one. I like to use it as walk around lens without having to change lens especially when I am traveling. I don't particularly care for the 55-250mm kit lens which performs poorly on cloudy days. I don't think you make a bad choice in getting the 18-135mm lens with the 60d,
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Hi 60d is a fine camera and so to is the t2i/550d. I have the 55-250is lens and it is a fine lens. You are down to personnel choice but the swivel screen on the 60d may be better for video. Not much else to add really good luck
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if you plan on shooting action. The 60D is the better tool. With the lenses, the 18-55 and 55-250 are good lenses. But they are consumer level lens. And are good at that. If you have the 60D, I would get the body and get the 15-85 USM and the 70-300 USM. These lenses will really let you take advantage of the higher FPS.

The T2i is nice, but the 60D is better camera.
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Thanks everyone, I kept researching and am confident the 60d was the right choice. Now just waiting patiently for it to arrive. Wait a sec I have no patience, lol wife is going crazy with all the videos on DOF and how to videos I've been watching.
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