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Default Just ordered a XSi kit (with 18-55mm)...what filter?

What clear filter do I need to fit this kit lens? Been reading that I need one in order to protect the glass from fingers, drops, etc. I'm a noob to the DSLR world. Really excited to start taking shots!
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You don't "need" a filter at all. Smudges are no harder to clean off the lens element than they are a filter. Any drop that will damage a filter is going to damage the lens/camera itself. You're better off investing in a lens hood for the lens - that will help prevent against flare (which a filter will not) as well as keep stray objects from striking the element. Or you could invest in a lucky rabbit's foot. The only time a filter makes sense is when shooting a lot in extremely abrasive conditions - blowing sand & sea salt - things that can really do some damage to optics. But again, I'm not talking about an hour trip to the beach here either.

Now, I think the whole "filters degrade image quality" argument is blown out of proportion. The biggest risk is that a filter can introduce additional flare (which happens when light bounces between various elements) - and that's extremely infrequent. But it's more a matter of not doing anything positive in most cases so it's wasted money. I use a number of rather expensive lenses outside (24-105L, 17-40L, 100-400L, 70-200 2.8L, sigma 120-300 2.8EX) and the only time a filter goes on is when I use my Circular Polarizer. I do however use lens hoods on everything - flare protection being primary reason but it also provides added protection against objects/debris.

Finally - don't obsess over dust you see on the lens (or filter if you do buy one). Until the dust shows up on the photos it's not an issue - chances are higher you'll cause more problems by over-cleaning than you will prevent.
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for the dust you see on the lens:


and i fully agree with John
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll tale a look at the lens hoods then. Thanks!
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