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Default My first music video, Canon Rebel T2i

This was filmed with a T2i with the stock lens. Edited by me as well. Let me know what you guys think. Constructive criticism is welcome... also this is my first video. So any tips would help out alot.

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As far as the video production goes, I found it to be a solid effort. I would have liked to see a greater depth of field on the street scene, and the clock inside the car seemed a little out of focus. The scene at the computer struggles with exposure - the dark areas are under exposed, while the screen was a bit too bright. Perhaps additional light would brighten the darker areas, letting the camera find a more accurate compromise between the two extremes.

Musically, I find the song somewhat appropriate to the title, with the synthesizer carrying on to illustrate the core frustration of the lyrics. The cut from the car scene to the street scene was interestingly abrupt and out of sequence, perhaps a video version of a blue note. I'd like to see what it looks like with a small pause between the two segments.

Lyrically, I get the frustrations of life and all the different burdens we have, but to somehow direct this as a race specific issue only dilutes the core racism issues that really do exist. Additionally, the profanity used only detracts from the message and doesn't belong in public.
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Thanx for your input, you have to understand this is my first video so a lot of the points you touched on (lighting n angles) will hopefully progress with time. I dont really remember nor did I attempt to make this about race at all. This is hiphop and its pretty raw (language wise) the rawness of emotions like anger and frustration usually causes people to curse or act out in a negative way. Everything in that video and song was as bout frustration ...nothing to do with race. Youre opinion is valued and I appreciate it but you took huge leaps assuming that I somehow had race in my mind at all.

I'm all about positivity, this song is about people shoving negativity down your throat on a daily basis for their entertainment or personal reasons...im sure you can relate as a human being...

Thanx for taking the time to watch and listen- your honesty is appreciated.
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