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thanks for the input. I purchased a 512mb CF Sandisk today and will get started with it. Maybe by the time I get the hang of the camera memory will be even cheaper.
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The 10D, and I assume the Digital Rebel, does not use WA technology. Thus buying a WA card can be a waste of money. Howver, there is a huge difference in speeds still between non-WA cards. Almost a factor of two. Check this out: http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...?cid=6007-6111

For that reason I bought a Lexar 40WA card, even although my 10D doesn't use WA. But the Lexar card is still one of the fastest without using WA.

Then for other accessories. Here's a list, in no particular order. It might give you some ideas:

* Extra battery.
* A 420EX flash or 550Ex if you like a flash with a 100+ page manual and tons of manual options :-)
* A Circular Polarizer for your lenses. It'll greatly improve sunny outdoor shots, water shots or snow shots.
* A sturdy tripod and maybe a monopod
* A remote shutter release (once you have the tripod)
* I put a UV haze filter on my lens to protect it from scratching
* Lens cleaning kit.
* A decent air blower to blow dust from your sensor and lens. If you're interested I can dig out the link to a good one (thanks NHL).
* A carry bag. Many choices here.....
* A CF card reader for your computer. I don't like using the little cable to get my images to my harddisk.
* The battery grip. It makes it very nice to take portrait orientated pictures (camera rotated 90 degrees)
* Sticky plastic cover to protect your LCD screen. You can buy packs of 20 or so of them and replace them once in a while.
* More lenses :-)
* A bean bag. Sometimes handy to support your camera and lens instead of using a tripod.
* A lens hood, reduces flare and protects the lens when it rains or is windy.

Oh, and www.bhphoto.com is a great place to shop. I've heard no bad tihngs about them, and they have a huge selection and sharp prices.

Hope this helps :-)

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Default IE: The Digital Rebel

I can tell you up front that I bought the 28-135mm IS Zoom when I got my EOS -3 & it is my #1 lens, period. It stays on my DRebel & I keep a 20-35mm on my EOS-3 (probably going to buy a 24-85 for it soon) which is loaded with Provia 100F slide film.
As for Flash Cards - I use Sandisk & have 2- 512MB & 1- 256MB card. Best prices I have found are at pcmall.com
I shoot in Large jpeg for now & have not yet tried RAW as I don't have the software for it. For outdoors, I shoot in the TV Mode & indoors in Automatic.
Spare battery when you can buy one - just in case.
All soft bags - I use Lowepro & I would imagine Tamrac is just as good. If you don't want to spend a Lot on a bag right now, look at the Lowepro AW Nova Series.
Good luck & You will enjoy the camera - once you learn it!
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