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Originally Posted by PeterP View Post
The 18-55 works best (gets sharper results) stopped down around f/8 or more.
The Bob Atkins review was of the older 18-55. The IS version is much better according to http://www.slrgear.com/reviews/showp...ct/1114/cat/11

I have a nifty-fifty myself and find it very effective for video work where the resolution is low and so is the lighting (school plays and such).

The 18-55mm IS will give good low light performance when the shutter speed is slowed down. It's not quite on par with what the 50mm 1.8 can do in low light, but close. Of course the IS only gives an advantage at this focal length when the object is not moving. For instance, I can take my 18-55mm lens down to 1/8s (hand-held) to get a low-light capture, but this is worthless if there is movement in the subject. The 50mm 1.8, opened all the way up, can take the picture at 1/60s for the same exposure and still freeze most motion.

The other side of the blade is the thin DOF with the big aperture. For instance, in prepping for the wedding shoot I have coming up, I find that I can open up the aperture to make the most of the light in a church, but this is largely ineffective when we need the larger DOF to capture a larger group of people, thus we end up shooting at f/8 anyway with strobes.
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