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Default sigma lenses

hello peoples
just popped into the site, got link from a member
what the diff between these 2 lenses besides the obvious price
was looking for a lens for my 50D
boo hoo had to sell my brand new 7D, could not afford it
got a 50D for a real deal
heres the links



one says macro, one does not , but the macro is like a 1:3.9 i think
anyone buy from this site, the pricing is really good
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One is newer than the other...
-> The less expensive one is the old version (without HSM)
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Opteka is a great company. I like the Sigma lenses as well. Be advised, Opteka USA is sold thru 47th street photo, so if you order one and are worried there is no phone number associated with Opteka, rest assured you can call 47th st. photo with questions about your order!
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Default happy with the sigma 24-70mm hsm version

[I now shoot a MKIII, so no longer a pentax fan, ;-)]

Hi, I have the HSM version of the lens. I had originally planned on buying the Canon, but after thorough research and reading a lot of reviews, I felt that they were basically neck & neck in image quality, depending on your goals. The biggest complaint I've heard of the Sigma HSM is that some don't care for the bokeh. I used Arthur Morris' user guide to the Canon EOS 1D Mark III to perform the AF Microadjustment for the lens and I've found the results to be quite nice and the bokeh to be perfectly acceptable. I'm not sure I would us it for primary portrait lens like a true macro, but it certainly is acceptable for a standard, fast zoom. I've also seen complaints that it's soft in the corners, but I've seen results from the Canon and it has the same issue, and, based on what I've seen, maybe even a little more of an issue than the sigma. I just purchased my second Sigma 24-70mm HSM because my daughter, who is photography/art major at Belmont, confiscated my first one (with Daddy's approval, of course). Concerning the Sigma non-hsm version, I haven't used it, but if memory serves me, the reviews were fairly critical.
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