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I own the DR and purchased a SanDisk 512mb CF at bestbuy on sale for $109.00 with a $30 rebate. Still waiting for the rebate but my point is there is always a sale somewhere.

As far as the speed issue I am only a beginner and have no other card to compare too. So as far as I am concerned this card is more than adequate as it never fills up and is faster than I am at operating the camera.

Now maybe once I become real familiar with the camera I will look at purchasing a faster card, but until then it's like an old carpenter told me when I asked him how accurate his level was. "As long as it's the only level you use, it's dead on."
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Originally bought it with the kit lens and will keep it, but I splurged and picked up what I feel is the best two high quality zoom lenses in terms of sharpness and weight- the 17-40 f4L and 70-200 f4L. What a great outfit! And the lenses will always be there for the day I need/want to go to a newer body.
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Maybe I missed this but I didn't see anybody bring this up. On the Digital Rebel to get the correct 35mm perspective on the lenses you have to multiply the focal length by 1.6. For example the 28-135 on the Digital Rebel is actually a 45-216. Great for a general purpose lens with a little telephoto for sports and and nature, but lacking the wide angle. Though the lens that comes in the kit's build quality is nothing special it is a very good value for what it does as it is equal to a 28-90 on the Digital Rebel.
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:idea:I also own the canon Digital Rebel and love it. I disagree about the High speed CF I own both a Sanddisk 256 and a Sandisk II Highspeed 512. The Highspeed transfer I have an external USB 2.0 reader and the highspeed transfers data off the card much faster. If I where to get into a 1GIg I would get high speed just for that reason alone. In the camera the high speeds are also faster for reviewing. write speeds after multiple burst shots does seem to be about the same as the non-HS.

As it pertains to Lens I would defintately get the 18-55 kit lens effective 28-90 (18 X1.6 =28.) With the 28-90 and the 1.6X cropping factor you willl actually have a 44-144mm. The next possible wide angle lens jumps in price a lot. The kit lens is very light, fast and takes pretty good pictuers for the money.

My next purchase however, will definately be the EF 70-200 F4L and the 50MM 1.8. I have learned to only buy lens that get great reviews so that when I get a bad shot I know it was me and not the equipment. I

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The DRebel really uses the faster cards to its fullest. I have read otherwise on the net, and I must shake my head, for I do not see it in actual use.

I use Sandisk 256Meg Ultra 2 CF cards, and have found that I can shot 4 servo shots, wait a second, shoot another 4, etc..till I have filled up my flash card.

However, this is not the case with my older CF cards. I then am forced to wait for the buffer to clear out some space.

So, yes, the DRebel does need fast CF cards if you want the most out of it.
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1. The DRebel/10D do benefit from faster card, but only up to certain point...
~ from a 740kB/s with a standard card
~ to a max of 1300kB/s, regardless of the card speed after that (ie approximately 8x to 12x):
This is nowhere near the true speed of the fastest card which can be several magnitude more (ie 5238kB/s) http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...?cid=6007-6555

2. The speed difference is most noticeable in RAW mode, where the files size are large and constant in size. In JPEG the files are much smaller, and variable in size, even though the camera still buffer up the same # of frames -> ie the flush time is considerably longer in RAW!

3. The downloading time should not be affected by the speed of the card, unless a card is really antique. The x-factor is based on write cycles for flash which are several magnitude longer than their read cycles. Even slow cards reads are pretty fast -> don't buy a faster card for the download time... The card reader usually affects the downloading speed more than the cards themselves.
Typical CF flash datasheet :idea:: http://www.dane-elec.fr/home/libloca...actFlashUK.pdf
o write mode (10x to 22x)
o read mode (43x)
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