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Default Canon 10D or Sigma SD10 for portraits and wedding

Hello to all, this is my first posting on this site!

I am a digital video production guy and been shooting and editing video for about 12 years. I will be adding digital photography to my business around the middle of this year. Can someone please comment on using the two cameras for portrait and weddings. I see a lot of poeple using this camera for landscape more than anything, and wow the quality I am seeing it wonderful. I am not to concerned about using the SD10 for portraits because I will have light control. My first chose so far is to buy a SD10 and invest in some good lenses but I have read things about auto focus problems and as we all know weddings can get you in a lot of bad lighting situations. I have heard the canon 10D is much better as long as you have good lenses. Anybody out there shooting portraits and weddings with either one of the cameras. Please let me know.
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I have heard only mixed things about the SD10. I wouldn't get it (but then again, I have a Canon 10D.)

Questions like this get asked on occasion, and my answer is almost always the same. It sounds like you don't need to hear all of my usual speech (as you already run a business) but you might find this link interesting. It's for a similar question from a less experienced person, and my (and others) answers to this person. The 2nd to last and last post are probably the most helpful:

But you might find the hole thing worth looking over.

The DRebel is not a professional camera. It's a (higher end) amature camera. It is not designed to take the beating a wedding photographer gives their equipment. Its metering modes are crippled compared to the 10D or other DSLRs (certain metering only works in certain "modes") It doesn't write very fast to the CF card (neither does the 10D, but at least it has a 9 picture buffer.) I would not recommend it.

Will it work? Yes. Will it last? I wouldn't want to count on it. The most common wedding cameras (in the Canon line) are the 1D and 1Ds. Both cost 3-7 times as much as the DRebel. But you get a lot for that extra money. They are professional pieces of equipment.

Don't forget you'll want a lot of extra stuff if you are going to shoot weddings. Some of that I touch on in that thread. Here is another thread where I and other comment on someone asked about wedding photography cameras:


Check these places out, they have dedicated wedding forum (among others). We're a friendly bunch of people here, but in general we are not professional wedding photographers. I would ask your question to a pro with experience:

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If you go the SD10 route you are locked in to the sygma mount.
I don't think there are many other manfacturers that make this mount(I may be wrong ). So it may be an issue.

If you go Canon, there are many good lense manfacturers, including the rather excellent Canon L series lenses.
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