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Default from T2i to what body ?

Hi Folks , for the past year and a bit i have owned the t2i .been a decent camera .Pretty much determined sports is my main attraction to shoot .Hockey esp. but also baseball. I also do landscape , my children (port.)wildlife .as of right now i've been saving for a 70-200m2.8 L .Had the chance too use one at hockey for a couple weekends last winter and I am sold .It is quite a lense !

My t2i has recently started to give me some issues , not sure how serious the issues are but i'm loosing confidence in it.

Based on what I shoot what should i move to ? 60D , 7D ??
Other than fps , is picture quality better .I understand the construction of the 7D is better .But what else .I have tried to do some research on this ,but anything leaves me with the impression the t2i is right there for photo quality. please feel free to advise me.

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The 60D has been trashed quite a bit on forums due to it's non-metalic body and lack of micro adjustment, but I recently upgraded from a T1i and have not regretted it for a second. The camera is a bit larger and fits my hands much better. Image quality and IQ are much better than I found with my T1i. From my experience with it so far I haven't found the need for MA as it has proven to be spot on.

Either camera should provide great photo's, but as an amatuer/hobbyist photographer I couldn't justify the price difference between the 60D and 7D. I would rather put the extra $$$ toward getting some good glass.
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I moved up from the T1i to the 60D after seeing how good it was performing and based on reviews. It has a faster AF system than the T1i and I believe the T2i plus it has a 9 point cross section (or something like that) for keeping things in focus when moving. The 7D however has a different focusing system that is even better and this is the camera many people use for sports photography coupled with a fast lens.

That being said, it really is dependent on your budget and how much sports you'll shoot. I used my 60D for taking shots of my daughter outside for soccer with my 70-200 F4 IS lens and the photos were fantastic and always in focus. This past spring I took the 60D into an arena for an ice show for the first time too shoot with it and was astounded at the results with the 15-85 lens (which is not exceptionally fast but was able to stop movement of the skaters).

For my "action" needs, the 60D has been fantastic and definitely an improvement over the T1i in that regard (although I love that camera too). I couldn't be happier and have no regrets of not buying the 7D which is a heavier camera body.

However, if you are going to be focusing solely on sports and can afford the 7D then it probably would be the better choice given the improved AF system.
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I think I would be looking at waiting for a 7d mk2
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A couple points spring to mind here as a sports photographer myself:
1) You'll see a little bump in performance from your current camera to 60d but the af system on the 7d is a much larger jump.

2) The lens. 70-200 2.8 is a great hockey lens. But if the baseball is full field, 200mm is too short - even if you're shooting from on the field. If you have field access, you need at least 300mm. If you don't have field access you need 400mm. So, you need to keep this in mind. That's the unfortunate thing about sports. There is no one lens that does everything. Indoors you need 2.8 or faster. For field sports like baseball you need reach.

So, even though the 7d is the better sports camera, you're better off with a 60d and appropriate lens. For baseball - if it's always day games you might consider 70-300L if you're on the field or 100-400L if you're off the field. Whether you buy that lens or the 70-200 first depends on which sport is more important for you to shoot.
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