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Default MR-14EX Ring Flash with Drebel kit lens... will it work?

Dear Canon Flash Users,

I'm looking to use the Drebel in a dental setting, needing both full smile and in-the-mouth close-ups (say, of 2-3 teeth to fill the frame, or of the entire lower set of teeth, showing the bite-surfaces, like a horse-shoe)...

So, I figure the hard part is getting a decent close-up flash, and that will take a ring flash. I've looked at the Canon site and talked to a few local salespeople, and maybe this would be the MR-14EX or the MR-3...? Would need TTL metering to get consistent exposures. I can't find much in the way of detailed info on these products, and they're not the kind of things most stores stock (I'll be calling Canon directly tomorrow).

Q: will the MR-14EX work with the kit lens (18-55 EFS, w/ 58mm filter size)? If I add a +4 to +6 diopter to the kit lens, I can get pretty good coverage, but will the ring flash be reasonable to work with on this lens?

Q: other ideas? the typical dental digital SLR setup to do this runs over $2k, but I'm hoping to get good results at more like $1500. Body and lens < $1000, ring flash @ $500, and few other accessories...

btw, I love the Drebel in general. mostly I use the 28-135 IS lens, which is really fun. would just love if I could make it into a good dental solution as well.

Thanks for any input on this!


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The MR-14EX will work - you need to have the E-TTL; regular TTL/A-TTL won't work on either the DRebel or 10D. The MR-3 won't work unless it has a manual mode.

I don't know what your results would be with a diopter on the kit lens. Try it and see - diopters are easy to get and try out. I use the Canon 500D two element supplementary lens but I don't need as much magnification as you would.
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Default thanks, and more info

thanks, ursa. I went to a great store and tried (and bought) the MR-14EX ring flash. I did try the kit lens, and it just wasn't the thing. also tried the EF 100mm macro and the EF 50mm Compact macro lenses.

ended up with the 50mm - it is $270 versus $500, and is more compact, and gets me close enough. the ring flash attaches well on either lens, but does particularly well on the 50 mm. autofocus is really slow ont he 50mm, but manual works quite well.

I found best exposure results in manual mode, with flash on "full auto," if you will. I'm a bit baffled about setting things up with small aperture for most depth of field, but will work on that.

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If you use the setup in the manual mode, do your images appear underexposed? Did you try printing them "as is"?

It looks like my Digital Rebel with MR-14EX ring flash produces, at least, one full stop of underexposure. I started using Flash Exposure Compensation feature of the flash itself.

I've just started discussing this issue here: http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...?p=94065#94065
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