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Default Will these lenses do for motocross photography w/300D ?

There are a few threads here about zoom lenses but I have another use for my 300D, so some new discussions may be in order?

The basic camera is great, easy to use. However I need a x-200/300 lens to ďreach outĒ, across the track some 20-50 meters away. Perhaps even only a x-135 given the x1.6 effect?

My options are rather limited, cost and service availability. Canon has a few lenses that may be useful:

Ef 28-135/3,5-5,6 Is Usm
Ef 28-200/3,5-5,6 DC
Ef 28-200/3,5-5,6 USM
Ef 75-300/4-5,6 Is Usm

Sigma and Tamron also have some lenses, but I donít know enough about them.

I understand that f2.8 is most useful, but itís way too expensive. The IS lenses are within reach. So, can any of those mentioned do for highspeed motocross?

My previous camera are an compact Pentax WR90, just point and shoot and an even older Pentax ME which I just set at highest shutterspeed and got great photos, given that I focused right.

With my 300D the AutoF works great, but will it with these lenses, at high speed, usually a blurry background (mudd) or the jumps, with bright background?
The photos are for my webbsite and the occasional poster.

Havenís found any discussions about it apart from the hockey-guy, but Iíll be outside with plenty of light, usually. On some occasions Iíve used the Tv program, but I have to say that the sports-program works great, even under the cloudy Swedish winterskies.

Johan, Sweden
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As long as you have sufficient available light, any of the above will work. You must have enough available light to set your shutter speed to 1/500 or higher, otherwise you'll get motion blur. You may have to raise your ISO to obtain the necessary shutter speeds.
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You'll be panning to take shots? In that case I'm not sure how useful the IS on the 28-135 or 75-300 is. These lenses don't have a mode 1 (for non-panning or moving objects) and mode 2 (for panning) switch, like the 'L' lenses do. You might have to turn off IS on those lenses to get good shots.

If you're willing to spend $500 or so, get a canon 70-200L F4 lens. One of the best zoom lenses ever made, cheap for a L lens, not too heavy, with a constant F4.

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I have Sigma EX lens and have been happy with them. if you need a 2.8 tele lens the 70-200 2.8 EX HMS is good and about 600-750 $ on the internet.

also add the 1.4 TC from Sigma and you have a 98-280 F4

This post is in no way saying Sigma EX are of the same quality as Cannon L. But they are good for the money.

And if you are going to shoot in low light I think 2.8 is a must
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Hope you find what you are looking for.
I love taking motocross shots, still a rookie though.
here are some shots with my E100RS

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Default This is a hard one!

Well, plenty of different answers. This wonít be easy. One says ok, one recommends one specific Canon lens and the third a Sigma one.

The Canon 70-200L f4 is slightly cheaper than the Sigma 70-200 EX f2.8, so which one is the better one, for my specific purpose? They difference lies in the f4 with the ďLĒ function and the Sigmas f2.8.
After having looked around on various forums and reviews, the Canon seems the choice. Or the Sigma. Some says itís fast AF, some slow. Most agree that the quality of the pictures are as good on the Sigma as the Canon.

Honestly I donít know which one to choose!
Any other opinion or point of view that I should consider?

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Default Weight factor

one other item for consideration may be the weight. The canon is 1.5 pounds and the Sigma is 3 pounds. I've carried my Sigma around my neck on several long outings and it does get heavy but I enjoy the f2.8 aperture and what it is able to produce. Either lens would make a dandy set up. I will tell you I also have a canon 75-300 IS and it sees very little action since I got the Sigma. Yhe 75-300 Is is just not fast enough unless the light is very good. How often does that happen?There is no substitute for lens speed except more lens speed. Don't skimp on the lenses, you'll end up with a very heavy and useless camera bag!
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Default What weight?

Is it kind of unfair to compare a wider aperture f/2.8 (with larger optics) to an f/4 for weight and prices? The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM (non-IS) is about the same weight!

I have to agree, the Canon 70-200L f4 is definetly an excellent lens... the real question is do you need(want) f/2.8 and its benefits?... You'll just have to pick between Black EX or White L then :lol: :lol: :lol:
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I agree the Cannon "L" with the 4F is a great lens and light if you dont' need the 2.8 it would bee great.

One other thing you stated some say the AF on the sigma is slow some say fast. The Sigma 70-200 EX 2.8 come with and without HSM. Get the HSM version it is the fast AF lens.

good louck hard decission I dount think you would be sorry with either unless you found 4F not to work in your light ,also don't forget that on a 2.8 you can add both a 1.4 and 2 TC and still have a AF lens, 2.8f +1 stop or +2 stop (image quality will suffer but I think would work untill a 50-400 is in your bag.).

One last thing I dont shoot Motocross but I know the Cannon l are well sealed. Openion from the Experences MC experts Is the L better at keeping out dust (there must be dust) then the Sigma EX?
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